Soul Of My Feet

On Wednesday, during my long run, I must have injured the sole of my left foot. When I went out running again on Thursday, I started feeling it towards the end of the run. When I say injured, I mean sore. The sole of my foot was extremely sore on Friday.

I’ve been massaging it, icing it down, using contrast showers and it’s feeling a lot better. I’ll probably be able to go on a run tomorrow. I could have gone tonight, but I’d risk making it worse, so I’d rather take it easy.

I was hobbling yesterday. Today wasn’t as bad. I’ve resorted to wearing heavy socks to add some more padding underneath my feet. I’m debating whether I should run with my heavy expedition socks. Maybe I’ll just put one sock on.

Contrast showers work great. I’ll have to get a new powerful shower head though. I’ve felt a massive difference using the contrast showers after my runs. The results are so good that I actually do this each time I take a shower. Contrast showers involve putting the shower jet as hot as possible and massaging your body with it. Then you alternate to cold water. You do this a few times. The importance is to use ice cold water and to always end with cold water. If you frequent a gym, in the nice fancy ones they have an ice bath right next to the jacuzzi. We had one of those in our apartment in Hsinchu. The new gym that I will be joining next year when I come back to Taiwan has that as well.

This means that I can go out for a longer run on Sunday. I’ll go for at least 8-10 km. This time, I’ll also push for a lower time.





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