Sunkist Oranges


Well, I bought 41 Sunkist oranges at the supermarket today when I learned that they were 6NT$ each (~20 cents). That’s dirt cheap! I might return for some more tomorrow. They usually sell for 25NT$ (~1$) each. (I got them at the Carrefour)

If you’ve read this blog, you know that I just love oranges. One of the things that I didn’t like in Taiwan was that Sunkist oranges are so hard to get here. Well, it’s no longer an issue. I can eat about 10 a day, if not more.

Being on a raw food diet isn’t too bad. I’m not 100% on raw food. I still eat some cooked food, but like Steve Pavlina reporter, your desire to eat cooked food diminishes rapidly. I do eat some ham.

The thing about these low-carb, no-carb, gluten free, raw food diets or lifestyles is that they might take some getting used to. I’ve moved into a raw food diet over a period of months. The transition was easy. I do notice that I do need to eat every few hours, otherwise my energy gets drained. I noticed it yesterday while I was teaching. I had just had 1L of kiwi/pineapple smoothie and 500cc of fresh squeezed OJ. It wasn’t enough. I ate a thin crust pizza at La Pizza.

That’s the thing with diets. Being 100% on them isn’t the best idea. Steve Pavlina did notice some side-effects. I do eat some carbs, but in extremely low quanties. I do not eat any bread, pasta, noodles, cereals, rice, etc.The only dairy I eat is through milk in my tea and the couple of milk/papaya smoothies I drink.

Like some other runners, I might try to incorporate some almond butter or almond paste, as well as nuts and preserves into my daily diet. My wife also suggested some protein drinks.

Tonight, I had some red tuna, served sashimi style. Followed by 3 oranges since I know that I’ll try to run tonight. Excellent!


2 responses to “Sunkist Oranges”

  1. range Avatar

    Thanks. You should see the fridge. It’s full of oranges. No space for anything else.

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    […] took a while, but I managed to hand squeeze a few of my Sunkist oranges to make some OJ this afternoon. It tasted great. It was a bit messy since I don’t have a […]

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