Big Brother Australia S08D081 (Channel Ten)

This morning, Travis is waking up all of the HM except Terri. He made a deal with BB. If they can iron enough clothes, they can have the parcel for Terri. Yesterday, Ben tried to broker a deal between BB and him to get Terri’s care package in exchange for the treadmill. Alice plain out refused.

This morning, a new deal is on the horizon. The HM have to iron one basket of laundry each in an hour and they get the package.

Travis says that it’s national Nanna day. BB plays some music while Terri eats her breakfast in bed.

The HM are successful. However, they weren’t wearing their ironman costumes. They aren’t going to get the package. Rory thinks about putting a play together for BB and Terri.

They succeed.

Terri and Alice talk about the treadmill incident with Rory. She talks a bit with Rory and all seems well.

It’s time for the finally weekly family dinner. All of the HM are inside. Rory is off his special diet for tonight.

I think if Al could, she would marry the treadmill.

Rory talks about it and he doesn’t think it’s an issue. She does her thing. Alice is very happy to hear this because it was getting to her.

If Travis would have to cook for 17 people, he would have to start the day before.

Terri says that Travis has been getting on his nerves because he has less people to play with now.

Would you say that you are closer to me or Jesus?

* * * * *

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