Big Brother Australia S08D082 (Channel Ten)

The HM have been given bricks and cement to build a mailbox. Ben is released from the Kombi. He can go back into the house.

Rory and Travis are making slow progress on the letterbox. It takes them 6 hours to complete.

Travis is finally released from his head chef duties.

BB tells the HM that he will be absent tonight. He says that tonight, the HM will be BB. The HM ask themselves question by pretending to be BB. They ask who would they nominate.


Alice                Rory

Terri                 Ben

Travis              Terri

Rory                Alice

Ben                  Terri

Alice tells Ben that it meant a lot to her that he didn’t fake-nominated her. Ben has nominated her every single week.

Alice comes to the diary room. She says that she finds Rory a bit harsh and blunt.

Friday Night Live

The HM are playing for love. The love of their loved-ones, who will be slimed. The HM will be competing individually for points. The winner is reunited with their loved one. The other HM’s loved ones will be slimed.

The first game involves being spun around and knocking out some dummies. Rory is first.

The next game is judged by Zack, the FNL Grand Final winner of last year. The HM have to do a routine. Ben’s as a figure skater is pretty good and funny. Travis is #1 and gets 5 points. Terri is #2.

Terri has 9 pts, Travis has 7, Alice and Rory have 6, Ben has 5.

The next game is played by the HM’s loved ones. They have to put water in their mouths and ride a rollercoaster in Dreamworld. The one with the most water wins. Travis’ cousin wins this game for him.

Bryce Fitzberg arrives when Fitzi leaves. The next game involves catching some bubbly, which is flowing out from a shower on a rotating stage, in a cup. The HM are dressed up as furry animals.

Rory and Travis have 15, Ben and Terri have 12, Alice has got 8.

The HM are strapped to a plank. They have a piece of cheese on a skewer on their helmet. The ninjas are getting ready to dunk them into the cage of rats. The last remaining HM with his/her head not in the rat trap wins.

I’ve got a memory like a goldfish, I don’t remember what happened yesterday.

Rory is out of the game. He’s got a rat on his piece of cheese. It really wants to the cheese. Terri and Travis are out. The rats really make loud noises. Alice wins this game. She gets 5pts.

Holding a cake, the HM will be lifted 25m into the air. They have to throw their cake to the ground into a bulls eye. Rory screams about his nuts. The ninjas swing the HM as well.

Oh my nuts, they hurt so bad.

Travis is afraid of heights. He prays on his way up. He screams like a girl when the ninjas swing him. He has his eyes closed, but opens them up and screams like a little girl. It’s hilarious.

Rory wins the FNL games. BB slimes the wrong loved one.

Bree, Fitzi and Mike thank the crew and say goodbye because BB is canceled. Bree starts to cry.

* * * * *

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