Big Brother Australia S08D84 (Channel Ten)

It’s the end of the road for most of the HM. Double eviction tonight. Alice is on the treadmill. The HM get up. Terri tells Travis off for being an idiot when he walked in. She was nice though.

Travis is in the diary room. The HM hide from Travis while he collects the batteries. Travis looks for the HM. It takes him a few minutes to find them.

Alice says that she wouldn’t adopt. Earlier in the series, she admitted to her HM that she can’t have any children due to medical condition. She would consider in vitro fertilization. They discuss genetics versus the environment and how a child is raised. Rory says that his mom is adopted after Terri admits that she knows a family who adopted two children who turned out bad, like their biological parents.

Alice is adamant that she doesn’t want to adopt. Rory thinks that it’s stupid of her to say this. While Rory is in the diary room, Alice talks to the other HM about what Rory said.

The HM get an eviction notice. They have to leave the BBAU compound in two days. Rory gets some baked beans and prunes from BB. Travis uses some of Ben’s beauty products to put a smiley face in the hair around his belly button.

Travis tells Terri that he never touched a girl’s boobs.

Ben comes to the diary room. He says that there were some little tiffs between Terri and Travis. There were also some between Rory and Alice.

Travis believes that his foot size changes because he wears 11 sometimes and 10 in others. Rory is about to lose it. He tells him that it’s the shoes, not his feet. Travis tells them a story about the cemetery. Someone there told him that the caskets are so big because for a while, the nose and ears will still grow. What a git!

Double Eviction

The HM are told that there will be an eviction. They don’t know that it will be a double eviction. Jackie is wearing a dress that shows off her boobies. It’s got a very low cut.

Alice looks fetching. She’s very pretty when she smiles. Alice is finally evicted. She was nominated so many times. Alice gives her 50K to Travis. Travis has 100K$. Alice gets a cellphone, mobile broadband, an exotic trip to Mount Everest.

Ben is safe. He is surprised. Rory is safe as well. Travis is evicted! Alright! I’m so happy that the idiot didn’t make it into the final. Travis got 31.4% of the public vote, Alice got 21.3%. Another HM had 19.7% and another had 18.8%. It was pretty close.

Travis gives his 100K$ to Rory. Travis gets a phone, mobile broadband and a trip to Cambodia.

* * * * *

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