Big Brother UK S09D49 (Channel 4)

The HM failed the human clock task, where each HM had to estimate 5 minutes of time. They can incur 5 fails in this task.

Last week, after Bex was nominated she kissed Luke. Last night, she did it again. She kissed Luke in bed again. Luke comes to the diary room. He says that it keeps happening. He’s not attracted to her and she’s not attracted to him.

Last night, Dale had to choose to give alcohol and snacks to one part of the house. Lisa said that hell needed it and that Dale was a gentleman. He proved her wrong when he took the treats for heaven.

Dale is called to the diary room for this week’s task. 2 HM from heaven must construct a clock. Dale picks May and Stu. 3 HM from heaven have to dig to find archeological artifacts. He chooses Rex, Luke and Bex.

When an alarm goes off, the HM from hell have 45 seconds to locate clocks and switch them off. They can incur five fails for this part of the task.

Over the course of the next two days, the HM from hell have to fill up a giant hourglass. In total, they can incur only two fails. Otherwise, they fail the task.

The first clock sounds. Stupid Kath is yelling like a madwoman. She distracts Luke and Darnell from finding the clocks quickly. They manage to do it just in time.

Rex is sleeping at the sofas. The HM from hell have been keeping the sands of time going for 1:20 hours.

Luke, Bex, and Dale are talking about how Dale assigned the tasks. Dale isn’t happy that he keeps being told to wake Rex up. Dale says that he’s not impressed by Rex.

HM must take part in the human clock task. Each HM must estimate 5 minutes. In a group, they must estimate how long an hour lasts. They have to be within two and a half minutes or fail this part of the task.

Three HM have passed and have counted over 17 minutes. Kath has been counting for over 8 min. Stu and Rex know that it’s past due. The HM failed the task miserably. The first eleven HM counted for 1:09 hour. Stu counted 5:50 min.

All of the HM tell Kath that she was way over. Over 3 minutes over 5 minutes.

Mikey and Stu are talking about the task. They know that they just failed.

Mikey and Mo do a good job of switching off the alarm clocks. Darnell is being an ass. He says that it was Lisa’s turn. He’s a total twat. Darnell is an ass.

The HM are told that Mo, Bex and Darnell have been nominated this week. Darnell talks with Bex about the nomination votes. He shouldn’t be surprised. He’s a total dick and utterly failed as the HOH last week.

Mikey bets all of his custard crèmes that Bex isn’t going. Darnell hovers around. He’s not happy to hear that. Mikey tells him that Bex beat Mario last time. Darnell is upset because he wants to stay and Rex and Stu want to leave. They are talking about nominations. Dale says that he doesn’t care about the 100K$. Dale tells Darnell that he can’t go questioning people’s motives for nominating, since he nominates as well. Bex says that she doesn’t know why he is so bothered about it. She isn’t. Darnell starts spouting more nonsense. Darnell finally realizes that people don’t like him and he doesn’t like it. Boo-hoo!

Bex and Luke are in the diary room. Luke is very worried about sleeping alone.

Some of the HM are in the garden. Sara tells Rex that she has caffeine withdrawal. Darnell tells Rex that he nominate him one week because he wanted to go. Rex tells him that he can’t say that. He’ll get in trouble. Darnell doesn’t care. He’s going to go to jail.

Luke says that he will make new friends if Bex leaves, like May and Rachel.

Darnell and Mo hop into the task room when the alarm sounds. They’ve just incurred one fail because Darnell couldn’t find the off switch.

BB has called Darnell to the diary room. He will go to jail. He laughs it off. He tells Kath why he is in jail.

BB has gathered the HM at the sofas. Dale has to decide who will receive the alcohol and treats. Lisa wants the snacks for hell. Rex tells her that it’s all for heaven. Mo is complaining. Stu tells Mo that each time he opens his mouth, he’s giving them more reasons to keep it for heaven. Dale tells BB that he wants to get nominated once, so that he will give the alcohol to heaven. That’s the only way to piss some people off. Bex and Luke want the treats to go to hell. Rex is totally against this. Dale says that he wants to piss people off and get nominated at least once before he goes to the final weeks.

Mo tells Darnell that heaven got the food. Mo says that he isn’t doing the task. All of the heavenly HM are in the luxury bedroom eating their snacks and drinking alcohol. Bex and Luke feel bad.

Most of the HM from hell are in the garden. Darnell is talking about Dale. He tells Rachel that he’s an ass. While the heavenly HM play a game, they ask each other who would they push off a cliff. Bex and Luke push Rachel.

Rachel is surprised to find out that Darnell is black. He’s an black albino.

Bex and Luke make out once again.

It’s past 2 AM. Kath and Mo run into the task room to switch off the alarms.

The more we kiss, the more I become confused.

* * * * *

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