Generation Kill The Cradle Of Civilization S01E02 (HBO)

Generation Kill is an American war mini-series on the US cable channel HBO that explores the lives of the men in a U.S. Marine Corps battalion as they serve their country during the early days of the second War in Iraq.

The mini-series comes from the creative team behind HBO’s critically acclaimed The Wire. It is based on Evan Wright’s book of the same name, which finds its origins in a series of essays published in Rolling Stone Magazine. The essays were written during his stint as an embedded member of the Marines’ First Reconnaissance Battalion. It was adapted by David Simon and Ed Burns.

Wright’s portrayal of the soldiers in Generation Kill is the first glimpse of a fighting force raised on a palpable culture of violence (slickly produced war movies, gangster rap and rock in particular), who are street-savvy beyond any generation of soldiers prior, and how they deal with the disjunction between Hollywood war and actual war, their biographical influences and bureaucracy.
Vaughn From Filthy Skies

Just like some of the other wars in the last century were socially and psychologically dissected, Generation Kill does the same for the Gulf Wars. It is much needed since these types of incisive examinations in popular culture are rare for the moment, as there is no palpable end in sight for the war on terror and that soldiers are living through these moments as we speak. This makes the Second Gulf War a controversial subject to say the least.

The focus is the newest generation of American soldiers, bred on ultra-violent video games, slick Hollywood movies and a culture of violence that was absent in media for most of this century.

* * * * *

A deft treatise like this was needed. What The Wire did so successfully to the portrayal of the results of poor urban life and its obstacles, Generation Kill may just be able to do with popular misconceptions of modern warfare and its impact. At the end of the day, has soldiering changed much in the last 20 years?

This series is controversial, informative and paints a inclusive narrative of the first 40 days of the Second Gulf War. Since it is produced by HBO, adult situations and language are present. The series isn’t for the faint of heart.

I recommend this series. It leaves you shell shocked about what exactly was going on in Iraq. In fact, isn’t this still going on right now?

* * * * *

The Marines move into Iraq. They face a dangerous mission. The mission they trained for isn’t the one they are doing. Still, they face some action and some of them are ecstatic, while others are losing it already.

* * * * *

The Marines are driving into Iraq. They join up with the rest of the division. They gets stuck in a traffic jam of military vehicles. Ray complains about slogans that the Marines have painted on their vehicles. They aren’t real enough. He’s not happy that they got pulled from the bridge mission. The Sarge wants them to respect the fact that missions change.

At night, the Sarge goes for a combat dump. Naturally, he gets a call as soon as he steps out. The Captain found an AK. He’s pretty happy. Ray forgot to tell the Sarge that the LT wanted to see him.

Hey reporter, if you lay against the ground when a tank drives by, it feel f*cking great. Do it.
Ray to the reporter

The Marines are shitting all over the place. It’s funny how the Marines always listen to the BBC for news.

The LT gives Sarge Brad new orders. He tells him that they are supporting another the regiment at Nazariyah. There’s been a change in the ROE. If people walk by with weapons, he tells Brad to consider them as hostile and shoot them. The Marines get ready for combat and drive off.

They are ordered to wait the other side of the river. They are getting shelled heavily from inside the city. There a friendly fire mishap and some Marines are injured in another company. Godfather informs Captain Harrison that the change in the ROE has been approved. He can engage unarmed civilian targets, suspected being advanced recon from the enemy.

The general isn’t happy. There has been a mess up. A kernel explains that they have problems with their supply lines. The general doesn’t care. He wants the regiment through the city to hook up with other forces. This is just a sideshow, he doesn’t care about the resistance in this city. He tells Godfather to keep his Marines back, but he wants the regiment through ASAP.

Brad talks with a Marine from Alpha company. He looks shell-shocked.

Godfather informs his troops what the marching orders are. He says that they have allowed the enemy to dictate their tempo. General Madison has informed him that once they clear the Euphrates that they are in combat. Once they are over the river, they will detach from the RCT, push north, and flank and destroy anyone in their path.

Pole talks with the reporter about what the US is doing in the world.

The Captain tells the LT that Bravo is on point for the advance into the city. They were supposed to go in during the night, but they leave early in the morning. They enter the city across the river.

The Marines are ordered to halt in the middle of their advance to give chance for wounded to be evacuated. They are sitting ducks. They are ripe for an ambush. The captain shoots his AK at a SUV. The Marines are finally ordered to proceed. They make it through the city without any incidents.

Now look at us. Tremblay hasn’t killed anybody, I’m half a world away from good Thai pussy, and Culbert is out here rolling around f**k butt Iraq hunting for dragons in a mack suit that smells like four days of piss and ball sweat.

The Marines are in the cradle of civilization. Brad tells Baptista that he speaks Portuguese when he gets excited.

Ray says that maybe they did issue the right color of combat fatigues. Maybe our blouse is actually desert beige. Colors actually look different when you are sleep deprived. Maybe our blouse is orange green, we are just so f**ing sleep-deprived that’s the way they look to us.

They come upon a lot of civies shot up by the other company.

The LT is pissed that his company hasn’t got enough batteries to run their night vision. He tells the Captain as much. He tells him to conserve resources.

On the way, they see some irregulars with RPGs. They are setting up optics. They get sniped and killed.

Bravo is moving on to flank. They are moving without air support. Ray sees some hotties. He puts on some shades. Thanks to the commander, they are lost. They took a wrong turn at the bridge. Brad isn’t happy.

They question some civies who tell them that some bad dudes are ahead. They are told to hold this position. Godfather tells the captain that they are going to go through the city.

A few moments earlier, Brad told Tremblay that if they went through the city they would get smoked.

Brad got dumped. His fiance married his best friend. They are all still best friends. They are the type of couple that takes lots of pictures. Sometimes he goes over to their house and sees all the things his best friend does with his ex-fiancée that he used to do with her before.

They are ordered ahead. The enemy engages them. Baptista drives over a car with his HUMVEE. They make it through without any casualties. One guy got shot in the arm, but that’s it. The Sergeant Major wants them all to shave their mustaches.

Godfather says that in his darkest hours he fears that he might do something that General Mathis won’t like. Tonight is not such a night.

Brad is told by the LT that they have a mission. They have to find an officer who’s lost. He went out for a shit and hasn’t come back.

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Generation Kill S01E01

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