Big Brother UK S09D50 (Channel 4)

Darnell calls out Bex for kissing Luke. He says that it’s part of a gameplan.

Bex and Luke think that Dale did well for the shopping task. (They won a luxury budget) He underspent by 19£. His next task is to entertain the HM.

Darnell has been in jail for 7 hours. All of the HM from heaven are asleep. Rachel and Mo are in the garden. They switch off an alarm. Rachel is surprised how good Mo is at it.

HM from hell have been pouring sand into the sands of time. Darnell has just been released from jail. He says that he can’t take jokes or criticisms. He’s way too serious. Mo says that he watches Stu, Dale, Bex and Luke. Darnell thinks that Bex is a big threat. She’s probably got as many fans as Mo and Darnell combined. She’s massive.

Rex asks Mikey how he would feel being in hell for another week.

Bex and Luke are talking about their kiss from last night. Luke tries to reason it out. He doesn’t know why it keeps happening.

Mikey hates the word eggy. The HM tease him a bit.

Luke comes to the diary room. He doesn’t understand why he keeps kissing Bex. It’s like there are two sets of Bex and Luke. During the day, they are friends and they bicker and tease. At night, they talk about feelings. He says that they have seen a new dark side from Dale. Lisa feels shafted after he decided to give the alcohol and snacks to heaven instead of hell.

I wouldn’t have the testicular fortitude to do what Dale did.

Some of the HM are in the garden. HM from hell can only wash in the cold shower outside. Kath is jumping around in the shower because it’s so cold.

Mikey says that he’s getting lemonade withdrawal. Another alarm sounds. Darnell and Mo are on the job. Sara says that it was so funny to watch. They just leaped up and jumped into the task room.

As part of this week’s shopping task, Luke, Bex and Rex have to dig up 6 out of 10 artifacts hidden in the mulch. They have to place 6 artifacts in correct order in the timeline. Rex finds a token. They have found 6 artifacts. They must date 6 items correctly in order to pass the task.

Rex is eating pretzels left over from last night’s party. He’s taunting Rachel.

Mikey comes to the diary room. He would like to get involved in the clock task. He does enjoy the sands of time task. He thinks Dale is an ordinary HOH. He’s not very confident. He thinks that the best HOH would be Lisa.

May and Stu have one hour to assemble a big clock. If the HM fail another task, they will not pass this week’s shopping task. After about 10 minutes, Stu is finished.

Rachel, Kath, Darnell and Mo are in the garden. Luke just asked where guys take her on dates. She says pubs and cinema. Rex finds it funny in his condescending manner.

Mo and Darnell go into the task room and incur another fail for this part of the task. I’ve counted two fails out of a possible five, but there could be more. It takes them over three minutes to find all of the clocks.

BB has gathered all of the HM to reveal the results of the shopping task. They passed the shopping task. Luke and Bex didn’t place enough items in the right slots. They didn’t pass that task. HM passed the sands of time task and the alarm challenge.

The HM are happy.

Stu and May are in the garden. Stu tells her that she slowly changed. She’s become a bit more vocal and more relaxed.

Dale says that he liked it so much more when everybody was here. Bex doesn’t like having new HM. Luke and Dale chime in as well. They hate it as well. Bex hates change.

Rex nags Kath about cooking a shitty cake. Kath tells him to stop going on about it, he’s like a grumpy old man.

All of the HM from hell are singing a bad song. Mikey is underneath his covers.

The HM from heaven are talking about auditioning for BB. Bex reveals that Rachel was very annoying. She kept Bex to shut up, because Bex was as bubbly as Rachel before. They reckon she’s proper game playing.

Dale tells Rex that it’s a lot harder being a bastard than being nice. Rex agrees. It’s been very hard being horrible.

For passing this week’s task, the HM receive party food and alcohol. HM from heaven receive luxury party food and listen to their favorite songs on mp3 players. HM from hell can listen to the Barbie Girl, Macarena and Agadoo on cassette players and are given only basic party food.

Darnell is happy that they passed the task. He’s in the diary room.

Mo is by himself in the kitchen. Most of the other HM are singing and dancing in the garden.

The HM from hell are in the diary room. They had a better time than the HM from heaven. Kath starts singing her annoying happy house song. Each time she starts it, I want to bash her on the head.

The HM from heaven are talking about Darnell. Dale thinks that he’s scared that some of the HM stand between him and the money.

Stu tells the HM that Darnell told him that there was no way that he could be friends with him, if he talked to Bex and then came to talk to him. Stu stopped talking with him from then on. Bex is getting pissed off.

Darnell has told people that he voted his mates off. Dale doesn’t understand that. Usually, you vote people off that you don’t like.

Mo is in the diary room. He enjoyed the task and having the success of the task resting solely on his shoulders. What an ass!

Rex tells Rachel that she was very different before she came into the house. She doesn’t speak her mind. She sits on the fence. She doesn’t agree. He continues to bait her. He says that all that glistens isn’t gold. Mikey smiles as he listens on. Rex has got a smile on his face as well. He says that Rachel is trying to get into the final. Naturally, Rachel leaves to cry in the bathroom. Kath follows her like a dog.

Rex wants some of the HM from hell to apologize for him. Mikey and Darnell refuse. Lisa tells Rachel that Rex apologized.

Kath comes out. She says that they will both come talk to him later. Rex doesn’t want Kath involved. He tells her that he wants to talk with Rachel and her alone. Kath wonders why she can’t talk with him as well. Rachel comes out and Rex tells her not to worry. He gives her a hug. He says that it was Bex all along. Rachel says that Bex is lying. She shouldn’t have done that.

* * * * *

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