Climbing Out A Storytree

A few weeks ago, I had to climb out a 4th floor window…

I’ve been debating whether to blog about this. In the end, I think it makes a good story.

One morning, I went out at around 8AM to walk my dog. I’m timed in the mornings. It’s so that no time is wasted. I’ve noticed that it’s extremely easy to waste time in the morning when you’re not really awake. When I came back, I noticed that I only had part of my keychain. The other part was in my apartment. In my haste, I had forgotten to clip my house keys onto my scooter keys, so I couldn’t get back in.

Let me just start by saying that my wife is in Canada, so she can’t help. The owners are in another city, so they can’t help either.

I managed to get into my complex and into the building thanks to some neighbors.

However, the rigid metal door of my apartment would surely be my downfall.

There is a window in the hallway. My apartment is located almost perpendiculary from it. The trouble is that the window opens the wrong way, so you have to climb around it in order to get into my balcony.

I had noticed this problem last year, when this had happened. That time, I had a cell phone and my wife was in the city. This time, I had neither.

I knew that I would have to climb out of the window. I had a class that was starting soon and I couldn’t be late.

I tied my shoe laces tight. My heart starting beating furiously, good thing that I was in shape. I was sweating. I didn’t experience any vertigo, but  four floors is pretty high. If I fell, I’d probably die. Those were my thoughts.


There I was about to step out into the abyss. I was sitting with one leg out and one leg in the hallway. Suddenly, I pushed against the window. I noticed that I could push it out further. If it was completely open, climbing into my place would be pretty straight forward. I wouldn’t have to use the tiny ledges to climb over.

So I pushed. The window came straight open. Now I stepped onto the window ledge, holding the top. I grasped the bars on my balcony. I stepped across the gap quite easily and jumped onto the balcony.

Total elapsed time, about 7 seconds. In retrospect, I wish I had studied and practiced parkour. That way, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

I open the door, got my dog inside and went into the shower. I managed not to be late and told my students about this story.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

2 thoughts on “Climbing Out A Storytree”

  1. Great Blog! I am really interested in your ‘Education’ and ‘Math’ posts. BTW, How’s you’re Spanish going? Feel free to ask if you happen to need any help.


  2. Hi there, thanks!

    The math posts will make a comeback when I start my semester in September.

    My Spanish is at a standstill for now. I’m concentrating on Mandarin, as I might be starting a Masters in Taiwan in mathematics next year.

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