City Homicide In House S02E03 (Channel 7 AUS)

This is the 3rd episode of the second season of the Australian police procedural drama City Homicide. I gave this series a go when it started. I was pleasantly surprised. The Australian feel for this drama is really nice. Much like British shows, City Homicide is quite different from American ones.

That means that not a lot of Americans will be watching the show. In fact, I’m willing to bet that not a lot of people outside of Australia watch it. Nevertheless, it’s a really nice drama. The cases are surprising and the insider politics that the crew has to deal with are also very interesting.

The acting is good as well all around, apart for a few minor glitches along the way in female guest stars. What really sets City Homicide apart is the overall quality of the show. The cinematography is really top notch. Superb shots of Melbourne and beautiful post processing make this show a must for people enjoying visual eye candy of the architectural type.

One thing that I do like is that there aren’t fifty CSI techs running around finding evidence. The detectives themselves have to do the work. This sort of thing comes from the popularity of the CSI TV shows. I think of The Sweeney when I think of City Homicide, and that’s a great thing. I recommend this show without reservations.

City Homicide is a nitty gritty police drama. I recommend City Homicide.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

I thought that this episode would be terrible, from the previews that I had seen. However, I was pleasantly surprised while I watched it. It tells a story from multiple perspectives at the same time, which I find fascinating. Not all viewpoints are similar, and the story unfolds this way. It’s really interesting. It’s like devil’s advocate is being played from time to time, while you see the other side of the coin.

I really hate the hostage situations that are shown in some of the police dramas. They are mostly unbelievable and annoying. They end the same way. Look at Flashpoint, nothing interesting there. The writers of this episode came up with a new twist that I really enjoyed. This was one of best episodes I’ve seen recently.

* * * * *

Something happened at the precinct. Mapplethorpe is covered in blood. One dead, one seriously wounded. Wolfie doesn’t look happy. It was the optimum result, the SWAT team leader says.

Eight hours earlier, Karen signs over a prisoner for transfer. A man arrives and takes an officer’s weapon. He takes Karen hostage. He wants to go to homicide.

Joyner comes by to the office. He finds Sparksy drinking a cuppa. Karen and her hostage taker arrive. Mapplethorpe arrives from the ladie’s room.

Matty and Freeman find the incapacitated officer. They sound the alarm.

He makes Mapplethorpe take all of the phones off the hook. He has her get on a chair and destroy all of the CCTV cameras in homicide.

Matty calls Wolfie. His wife isn’t happy that he’s called off to work again.

The perp wants Mapplethorpe to check out the name Kylie Lewis. She was raped and murdered. She was 15.

Paul tells Wolfie that the suspect knocked out all of the CCTV cameras. Wolfie wants to negotiate. They have a frame still of the suspect’s face. Wolfie has him run it in the database.

All of the phones are off the hook. Paul says that Mapplethorpe is pulling a file on Kylie Lewis. Evan Cameron Dougherty was convicted on the murder. He killed himself in prison. The suspect is Evan’s dad.

The perp wants to the detectives to prove that Evan wasn’t the murderer.

Wolfie finds out that the perp is Jonathan Aaron Dougherty. He has no record. Wolfie wants Freeman to go to Dougherty’s place. Matty will question Lewis’ parents. Wolfie will call the investigating officer.

The phone rings downstairs. Wolfie answers. Dougherty says that he doesn’t want any calls. Anyone tries to breach the floor and he will kill all of his hostages. Karen is losing it. Joyner calms her down. At least she’s not smirking at this one.

Evan loved Kylie. She went missing. Then her body turned up. Kids found the suitcase with her in it. It had been there for months. After it was found, the investigating team ripped her house apart. They determined that she had been cut up there in the bathroom.

Freeman finds a journalist snooping around. Her name is Kim Charlton. She’s writing a book on the Doughterys.

He wanted to talk to the police, after Kim had pointed out the flaws in the Crown’s case. She refused. This is what led him to homicide.

The SWAT team leader wants to breach the floor. Wolfie wants time. Lee gives him one hour. The original investigator turns up.

After Kylie’s body was found, Evan became the prime suspect.

While Dougherty is freaking out, Mapplethorpe switches on the webcam on her computer.

They found forensic evidence in Evan’s car. Evan admitted that he had the hots for her. Joyner doesn’t believe that Evan is innocent. There are parts of Kylie’s journal that mention her being afraid of someone. She will have to tell her mom. Kim says that there are pages torn out of the journal, diary entries missing. Kim thinks that the real killer tampered with the diary.

Paul finds out that Mapplethorpe managed to switch on the webcam.

Kim thinks that the uncle is the culprit. She thinks that the uncle is the murderer. She tells this to Freeman. The trouble is that he has an alibi.

Sparksy wants to talk Dougherty down. He wants Joyner to play good cop.

When Joyner asks for food and water, Dougherty uncuffs Mapplethorpe. He sees an email arrive and notices that the webcam is active.

The SWAT team gets ready to breach. Wolfie calls Dougherty. Dougherty warns him off. He shoots Karen from the back in the shoulder.

Wolfie wants to talk with Christine Lewis. Matty had trouble getting Lewis to come to the precinct. They only came because the daughter insisted. Kim says that four years ago, the daughter was bright an beautiful. Now she is dark and moody.

Christine doesn’t want to help. She refuses. Freeman talks with Becky, the daughter while the uncle is distracted by Matty. He asks her what Kylie has written in her journal. Becky knows about it.

Joyner and Mapplethorpe tell Dougherty that they can’t help him. They need to take Karen to hospital.

Wolfie interviews Kylie’s uncle again. They question him hard.

Joyner tells Dougherty that he won’t help him anymore until he lets Karen out. Joyner tries to talk Dougherty down. He gives the keys to the chains to Mapplethorpe.

Dougherty lets the cops leave and he plans on killing himself.

Matty is reading a journal entry to Malcolm. He says that Kylie never wrote anything like that. Matty says that it’s not from Kylie, it’s from Becky.

Dougherty lets them leave and shoots himself.

Freeman warns Malcolm about staying away from Becky. He’s coming for him later.

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    at first i watched the show,but found it unrealistic,

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