City Homicide Somersaulting Dogs S02E02 (Channel 7 AUS)

It’s the second season premiere of the Australian police prodedural drama City Homicide. I gave this series a go when it started. I was pleasantly surprised. The Australian feel for this drama is really nice. Much like British shows, City Homicide is quite different from American ones.

That means that not a lot of Americans will be watching the show. In fact, I’m willing to bet that not a lot of people outside of Australia watch it. Nevertheless, it’s a really nice drama. The cases are surprising and the insider politics that the crew has to deal with are also very interesting.

The acting is good as well all around, apart for a few minor glitches along the way in female guest stars. What really sets City Homicide apart is the overall quality of the show. The cinematography is really top notch. Superb shots of Melbourne and beautiful post processing make this show a must for people enjoying visual eye candy of the architectural type.

One thing that I do like is that there aren’t fifty CSI techs running around finding evidence. The detectives themselves have to do the work. This sort of thing comes from the popularity of the CSI TV shows. I think of The Sweeney when I think of City Homicide, and that’s a great thing. I recommend this show without reservations.

This episode is also a bit disturbing. There was an apparent suicide at the school where Detective Superintendent Bernice Waverly’s son goes to. Things aren’t as they appear when the team starts to dig around. All isn’t happy at this prep school.

City Homicide is a nitty gritty police drama. I recommend City Homicide.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A janitor is running through a school. An alarm sounds as he leaves the school. A girl finds a student who hanged himself.

Joyner and Mapplethorpe arrive on scene. They find scratch marks on his body. Andy was lynched. He was asphyxiated slowly. Grant Barkley was murdered. He was a computer geek.

Emma, Matty’s girlfriend comes by. She’s quite hot. Joyner and Mapplethorpe see Matt’s new girl as well.

Matt wondered why the cleaners didn’t find the body first, they have to be at school earlier than the students. Martin’s got two convictions for drug trafficking. Martin says that he was running late he didn’t do the toilets.

Detective Superintendent Bernice Waverly goes to see Josh, her son. He goes to the same school.

Joyner and Mapplethorpe interview Caitlin. She discovered the body. Josh fingers two kids who hung around Grant.

Tom is called in for teasing Grant and the other nerds. Hayden and Daniel are interviewed as well. They say that they got Grant into the chess club, but he ditched it because he wasn’t good at it. Hayden says that they weren’t friends. It had to do with safety in numbers.

Martin goes back to the school after-hours. He goes to find money. Tom confronts him for talking to the cops.

Bernice doesn’t have any insight on the school.

The tech Paul says that Grant is a bit of a genius. His HD is encrypted and his desktop is layered. All he got access until now is Grant’s blog. Hayden and Daniel are the only two other users have access.

Joyner says that he was fat when he was a kid.

The other teachers are infuriated with the bullying situation. One teacher says that she even gets pushed and shouldered in the corridors. There’s nothing the teachers can do. They mention Brian. The principal is evasive. Mapplethorpe wants to know more about this Brian. He was a maths teacher. He resigned. Mary Carmichael is on sick leave. Perry replaced Mary as Grant’s year end advisor.

Carmichael is in hospital. There was an accident in the chemistry lab. She’s looking pretty bad. Carmichael can’t talk about Brian, the teacher.

Brian was intimidated into leaving the school. They confront the principal. He says that there were some compromising photos with one of the students.

Asab Mansour got some photos to his email account. He couldn’t trace the email. Kaitlin found the dead boy’s body. She’s also Tom Burrows girlfriend.

Matt thinks that Grant could have sent the emails.

Freeman and Matt go to see Brian, who works in landscaping company. He’s got an alibi. He admits to the affair.

Joyner says that they wouldn’t let him reinterview Caitlin.

Paul finds a hit list on Grant’s computer. Pete Minotti is on the list as well.

They ask Carmichael about the hit list. Hayden is in her class. He asked her to talk to Grant.

They talk to Daniel and Hayden. Grant wanted to humiliate Tom. Then he got the pictures. He sent them to Mansour.

Burrows is questioned. Tom has got an alibi. He was on his X-Box the whole night.

They found a note on his body. It said “I’m sorry”.

Wolfie assess the case. They will have to rework every lead. They aren’t getting anywhere.

Bernice comes to see Wolfie. She found a joint in her son’s things. According to Josh, there is a flourishing drug trade at the school. Bernice wants Josh’s name kept out of this. Wolfie can’t promise anything.

They reinterview Martin. He admits to dealing dope with Tom Burrows. He supplied the dope and Tom sold it.

Minotti goes to his classroom and something shorts out. It was sabotaged. He takes a nail gun. He goes to a classroom. He starts to nail the books to their tables. Pete threatens to shoot himself. The cops take him in. The kids clap. They call him a loser. They also arrest Tom. Freeman spots Hayden and Daniel at the school. He notices something and tells the cops to take them in.

Wolfie isn’t happen. Daniel’s mother is a litigator. Duncan is sure of himself. Paul is still working on the laptop. They talk with Daniel. Hayden is the ringleader. Hayden had a crush on Carmichael. They sabotaged the ratios of the compounds. They nearly took her face off.

Daniel is telling all. Paul finds something. He brings it to Duncan in the interrogation room. Grant got scared when they hurt Carmichael. He wanted to stop. Hayden didn’t let him. Hayden killed Grant. He needed to use Daniel to haul Grant up. Daniel was talking to Grant. Hayden surprised him and put a noose around his neck. Daniel helped him haul him up and Hayden staged the rest. They watched as he struggled to breathe.

Matt met Emma at salsa classes. Jenny plays with him a bit.

Josh is safe, legally. Bernice is worried about him.

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