Big Brother UK S09D55 (Channel 4)

In my view, the guy is a total tosser.
Mikey on Dale

4 minutes ago, BB opens the nominations pod. Mikey and Mo are the first ones in. Mikey has changed his mind about Dale. Mo doesn’t like Rachel that much anymore. Mikey wonders who would survive between Luke and Dale. Mo doesn’t know. It’s evenly split.

Darnell calls Sara an idiot. It has something to do because she finds his last name strange. I think his name is Swallow. Sara doesn’t appreciate it. She says that she won’t be talking to him anymore.

Stu wanted to see his own VT. Mo and Rex are in the nom pod. Rex wants to go for Darnell and Dale. Rex thinks that Dale is a twat. Rex says that Luke is annoying, because he isn’t as entertaining as when Bex was here.

HM from hell must separate sprinkles into their different colors. If HM from hell succeed, they will lose their right to nominate. There are over 14000 sprinkles. Rachel keeps saying that it’s fine. Dale realizes that it’s going to be hell. Stu tells them to take their time to get it right. Lisa says that they should go for the dark ones first.


Mikey              Dale                 Rex                  “He would stab everyone in the back.”

Mo                   Dale                 Luke

Rex                  Dale                 Luke                “He doesn’t help around the house.”

Stu                   Darnell              May

Dale                 Darnell            Mo

Darnell             Dale                 Luke                “He’s the worst piece of trash in the house.”

Kat                  Lisa                 Luke

Lisa                 Dale                 Rex                  “He’s a wind-up merchant.”

Luke                Kat                  Rachel             “She’s an absolute drama queen.”

May                 Dale                 Rex

Rachel             Lisa                 Luke

Sara                 Rachel             Mo                   “He’s so greedy.”

Dale got 6, Luke got 5. Mikey and Sara have no noms. Both Luke and Dale are nominated.

He’s a boring bastard. Deep down, he would stab us all in the back for that check.
Mikey on Dale

Stu wants the HM from hell to sing while they are sorting the sprinkles. Dale wants it to be silent.

As Bex has gone, his personality has died.
Rex on Luke

Lisa tells the HM that one of her friends discovered the human DNA (She means the human genome). The other HM laugh at her ignorance, especially Rachel.

Mikey talks about guide dogs. They can stop blind person from walking on train tracks. They will look out for you. You have to be very strict with them.

Rex, May and Sara are in the garden. Rex says that May was being a little slutty. Rex says that the VTs helped them see the HM from hell like the public would see them. He’s joking. May says that she rolled her hips. A sexy model who’s successful and stuck-up. May is surprised that she seems stuck-up. Rex tells Luke that his VT is very representative of himself. Luke says that at least that he’s honest.

The HM from hell successfully separated the sprinkles, so they will nominate.

Rex says that Sara is that she is the antithesis of sexy.

You’re a miserable bastard.
Darnell about Luke

Rex has come up with a new game. The goal is to describe a HM in three words. Stu goes first and he describes Mo. He starts out with greedy. Mo can’t believe it. Stu is astounded. Mo is the greediest fat bastard he knows. Stu says that it’s the top word. Mo says that he’s opposite of being greedy. Stu says that he eats everything. Rex joins in. They bash on fat Mo. Stu tells him to stop arguing.

Rex says that Mo would be greedy, clumsy and slow. That’s great!

Sara was kicked out of her home at age 15. Her dad is Italian and very strict. She started hanging out with older boys at age 13. As soon as she finished school, she started working and a few years later she moved to the UK. She’s been here.

Rex tells Kat that sometimes the truth hurts.

Luke probably screwed himself over by voting for Kat and Rachel. He should have gone for an obvious target, like Rex, Mo and Darnell. He’s going to get nominated.

Stu and Rex tease Mo about not knowing that he’s greedy. He still denies that he’s greedy. Darnell says that Mo does have greedy tendencies. Mo is just a fat bastard.

Darnell tells them that Mo will try to get alcohol anyway possible. Darnell says that he has a revelation, an epiphany. Mo is a greedy bastard.

Some of the HM are in the garden. Rex tells May that Mo said that she doesn’t like Stu and Rex.

Lisa and Mikey are discussing the first week in the house. She says that they all made a move on her, Dennis, Darnell and Dale. Who would want to get with him? Lisa is kind of man, isn’t she? Dennis is gay. Darnell wanted to nail her. I think that he’s having delusions.

May has a talk with Mo. Mo told Rex that he thought that May didn’t like Rex and Stu.

Rachel tells Darnell that he needs to control himself. She says that she is giving them the bait. They are getting the better of him.

Dale is kind of speaking of nominations with May and Sara. He says that he guesses who is nominated.

Darnell, Kat and Rachel are playing with pillows with Mo. Luke is sleeping. Mo throws the pillows on Rachel’s food.

BB says that Darnell, Kat, May, Mo, Rachel, Rex, Stu broke the rules about speaking about nominations, so they will face the public vote with Luke and Dale.

* * * * *

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