Big Brother US S10E08 (CBS)

Memphis doesn’t understand what Keesha did. She nominated Jessie and Angie. She holds Jessie responsible for evicting Steven. Jessie tells Michelle that Ollie, April, Libra and Keesha are in another sub-alliance. Jessie plans on winning POV. He tells Michelle that she shouldn’t be surprised that Keesha will nominate him.

Keesha wants Angie gone. They talk  about what will happen next.

Jerry tells Dan that Memphis has a big head. He thinks that Memphis is a womanizer and that he should be further in a career, than just being a bartender.

Jessie comes to see Keesha. He tells her that there aren’t any hard feelings. Jessie tells Keesha that Libra wanted Steven and Dan nominated along with the rest of her alliance. Jessie wanted to nominate Dan and Renny. Libra and Ollie go up to see Keesha. Keesha tells Jessie to tell them to come back later.

She just used you.
Jessie to Keesha

Jessie tells Keesha to nominate Libra. Keesha feels bad for nominating Jessie. Moments after Jessie leaves, Libra and April come in. Jessie tells Michelle that if they win the POV, Libra will be nominated. Keesha pretends that everything is fine.

Keesha, Angie, Jessie, Libra, Ollie, and Memphis play in the POV comp. Dan is the host. The players get dressed up as flowers. The HM must try to estimate when they have been watered for one hour. They have to come under an hour, otherwise they will be eliminated.

Angie compares the water flowing on their foreheads to getting brainfreeze from slushies. Memphis plans on counting to 3600. After 18 minutes, the HM get a bucket of worms on them. Ollie doesn’t know what compost is. They also get compost. Keesha psyched herself out. After 4 minutes, she’s out. She lasted a total of 22 minutes.

Close to an hour later, Libra is out. A few seconds later, Jessie gets out. Minutes later, Angie and Ollie are out. Memphis is finally out. Strangely enough, Keesha wins the POV. All of the other HM stayed over 1:15 hours in the

Jessie and Michelle tell Angie that she should talk Keesha about putting Libra up instead of her. Angie tells Keesha would prefer that she would use the POV on Jessie than her. She can’t stand Libra, she probably can’t live another week with her.

Keesha tells April that Libra can’t stay in the game. April doesn’t trust Libra. Ollie walks in. Keesha says that they are all gunning for her. Keesha is torn, because she gave her word to Libra on day 4 that they would stick together.

Jessie has another talk with her. He tries his best to get her to take him off the block. Keesha is still torn and it doesn’t look promising.

Jessie totally loses it and goes to the HOH room and starts to scream at Keesha. She won’t be using the POV on him. In the diary room, Keesha says that Jessie has completely gone his mind.

Keesha has to leave the room. She comes back and finds him sitting right outside the HOH room.

The HM see a plane with a banner. The HM are immediately locked down into the house. Jessie, Michelle, Angie and Memphis pretend that they saw what it said, even though they didn’t. They tell Keesha, April, Ollie, Renny and the others in the HOH room that it said “Libra is a liar, love Steven”.

Memphis tells the HM that it actually said “Libra and __ are liars. Love Steven”.

Memphis totally loses it when he talks with Jerry, who called him a womanizer. He has to be restrained by Ollie and Dan. He screams at him and tells him that to say it to his face and see what happens. He’s threatening the old man, who told everyone that he was a womanizer.

Keesha doesn’t use the POV. Libra knows that she owes Keesha for not nominating. Angie wants Jessie to blow up, that way she could stay in the house.

Jessie is really arrogant.

* * * * *

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