Big Brother UK S09D57 (Channel 4)

Last night, Dale and May stole a token as part of the secret task. They must remain undetected to pass this week’s shopping task. All of the other tasks are just decoy tasks.

Luke and Stu say that their perceptions of blind people have changed. Dale is there as well.

The BBPD have staked out the BBUK house for the last 18 hours. Mikey says that he can’t eat eggs. He wants Stu to eat it. Rex isn’t happy. Stu can’t eat it, he’s just eaten a lot. Mikey isn’t happy. He says that the task is f**king shite.

May is in the diary room. She told BB yesterday that she wanted to leave the house. She says that it’s not as bad as yesterday.

The HM are informed that a token has been stolen and that the BBPD has to find it. BB has given Rex some instructions to read. They get to interrogate suspects.

The cops think that Dale is the suspects. Stu thinks that Lisa or Luke might know something. Darnell tells the HM from hell to stop trying to figure out the crime.

Dale is the first one up to go into the interrogation room. Rex and Stu start to question him. Dale tells them that if he picks them, it’s not going to be good for the house. He’s a shit liar that one. He was terrible. The cops know it’s him, especially after he warned them not to pick him.

Mo and Mikey question Darnell. He did well under pressure, even though he didn’t know anything. Dale is a total tosser. Darnell is pretty cocky in the diary room. The cops talk about Darnell. They still think it’s Dale. Mo thinks that it could be him.

The cops have interrogated Luke, Dale, Lisa, Darnell and Kat. The cops are unaware that if they discover who stole the token, they will fail the task.

May is all smiles in the interrogation room. She can’t stop giggling. She’s doing well. Rex doesn’t think that May did something. He thinks that May knows something. She said that it was Lisa. She also swore that she didn’t do anything. It’s Lisa, Luke or Dale on his own.

Stu and Rex question Sara. Stu makes her turn around, rub her tummy and swear that she didn’t do anything. Sara says that she hasn’t got any idea. She’s getting a bit upset. Stu and Rex say that she is the one.

Rex and Stu laugh it off as they leave. They tell the other cops what they did. Stu thinks that she didn’t do anything. The cops think that May and Stu are the guilty party.

BB has gathered all of the HM from hell together. BB has called the cops to the diary room. The cops all agree that May and Dale are the culprits.

BB tells the HM that they failed the task. They are told that all of the tasks were decoy tasks. They failed the secret task.

May is about to leave the BBUK house. She told them 42 minutes ago that she wanted to go.

The HM are given some alcohol. Sara licks some chocolate sauce off Lisa’s breasts. The HM decide to have a food fight. They use the eggs that they have left over. The girls just watch on. Mo, Rex, Stu, Dale and Darnell throw eggs. BB tells the HM that the garden is out of bounds.

* * * * *

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