Raw Food And Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina makes a compelling argument about going 100% raw. That is, going 100% on a raw food diet. I’m not 100%. I’m about 85% raw. What do I eat cooked? Meat mostly, eggs. I guess that I could try it for a week or two. I do eat raw red tuna. If I could find a stable supply, that could take care of my meat requirements.


2 responses to “Raw Food And Steve Pavlina”

  1. […] definitely something good about the combination as nuts/seeds and avocado are staples in raw foodie diets. Hard-core vegans need not worry: the honey mustard dressing is completely optional. Although I […]

  2. ryanburnette Avatar

    I have tried to go all raw twice in the past few months. I seem to get better each time, but I haven’t yet completed 30 days 100%. I did make the transition from about 60-75% meat to all vegan though. After a few days, it was clear to me that there would be no turning back. I am including two links that became the starting point of the transition for me. The content they suggest is not for everyone, but I guess that is what comments and replies are for- an alternate view.



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