Kindergarten Makes You Out Of It

It’s been a few weeks since I taught Kindergarten and I had forgotten how exhausting that is.

Crazy Pete, a K2 kid, is especially annoying. He just goes all over the place. It’s kind of funny really.

Then there was the K1 class. They were babies, literally. Some of them were like 2 or 3. Today, one of them pissed his pants, there were a few tantrums, and like 50% of the class had to be force-fed by their Taiwanese teacher. It was also a bit funny.

Each class usually has their clown or the kid that acts out. K1 has Sam and K2 has Crazy Pete.

I hadn’t slept enough the night before, about 4hours, and I felt it throughout the day. Thankfully I had a quiet lunch at Sababa’s and came home and immediately took a nap.

I was pretty grumpy when I came home. It didn’t help that Yoda had made a mess of the kitchen table. I wasn’t happy. After a while, I got over it.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

2 thoughts on “Kindergarten Makes You Out Of It”

  1. Hey Erik, great meeting you again today.

    Yep, I have already blogged about your school and your kids. The two brothers, Kevin and Brian are pretty funny. Bonnie as well.

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