Big Brother UK S09D61 (Channel 4)

Rachel is in the garden running. As HOH, Rachel must ensure that all of the HM are awake. Mo is sleeping on the couch. She tells Mo off for sleeping again.

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom talking about dating. Sara is picking her noise hair.

Rachel gets called in again to wake up Mo. Rachel is pissed off at Mo. He fell asleep. He’s a liar. Rachel is trying to run.

The HM in the bedroom don’t think that Rachel isn’t having fun as HOH. Rachel goes to the diary room. She goes to vent in the BB. She says that there is no punishment installed for Mo. She would like to give Mo detention. She asks BB if she can make Mo make the beds and scrub the toilets. Meanwhile, greedy Mo is back asleep.

All of the HM are in the living room. BB has provided them outfits and music to exercise.

Rex and Nic are at the divide again. Lisa has come to the diary room. She says at first, seeing the new couple was hard. Lisa feels better.

Stu tells Sara that he misses his daughter. Stu says that he knows that he can’t win and he thinks that he’s missing out on seeing his daughter. Darnell jumps in Sara’s bed with only a towel.

For today’s task, HM from hell must sort 1000 letters. HM are unaware that BB has included letters from home in the mail for the heavenly HM. Kat finds the first letter for Lisa. It’s from Mario. Nic reads it out loud.

HM from hell have been sorting letters for 50 minutes. So far, Rex and Lisa have gotten a letter. The next letter is for Dale from his family. Stu gets a cute letter from his girl. Stu starts to cry. Sara and Darnell have also gotten letters. Mo’s letter is from his family. They tell him that he should have done some running.

HOH Rachel hasn’t received a letter from home. None of the HM from hell have received a letter either. Dale is crying in the bedroom.

Rachel is called to the diary room. She has to decide between getting her letter from home or the letters from home for the HM from hell. She’s crying. She doesn’t tell the HM that she had to choose. Kat gets a letter from her boyfriend. He kind of asks her to marry him.

Rex opened a voucher to watch a HM VT with another HM. He’s decided to go with Nic to watch his own VT. Rex brings out the food for the HM from heaven. Greedy Mo, like a vulture, scoops in to fill his mouth.

Rex says that his VT is just himself. He’s happy to tell the HM that he’s already gotten rid of all of the clothes in his VT. Once again, he’s flaunting his wealth. What a cock!

Rachel hasn’t said anything to the HM about the fact that she isn’t getting a letter from home. She just fumbles through some white lies. Dale is in the diary room. He’s sad and he misses his family.

Darnell compliments Dale. He’s trying to make him feel better while Dale is doing his laundry.

Sara and Darnell are playfully wresting on the floor. They are flirting. I think that Sara doesn’t really like Darnell that way, but she’s giving him the wrong signals. Sara is wearing a t-shirt with a heart that kind of points towards her privates. Darnell tells her “Is it because you love THAT.”, implying that she loves or wants her privates loved. Sara is a bit scared of him and changes beds. She’s in bed with Stu now.

She asks him if the house thinks that she fancies Darnell. He says no. She then asks if Darnell fancies her. He says no. She asks him if he thinks that she fancies him. Stu says no. She’s worried. She’s been flirting too much with him.

Darnell is in the living room giving the lowdown on what happened. Before he tells them, Sara walks in. She wants to know what’s going on. Sara wants to know what is going on. He denies that anything is going on. She’s upset because something is making him upset. He finally tells her that he’s a bit embarrassed about the heart thing. Sara expected it to be more juicy. She tells him no to worry about it. She was onto something, but in the end, she let Darnell get away without admitting his true feelings for her. Of course he fancies her. It’s obvious.

Darnell has jumped over the divide from heaven into hell. He’s called to the diary room. BB tells him that he will be punished and that he has to return to heaven.

* * * * *

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