Big Brother UK S09D65 (Channel 4)

Last night Rex and Nic argued. They are edgy this morning. They hug and snuggle a bit.

Rex and Sara talk about what happened last night in the pool. He implies that they were grabbing each other under the water. She says that she didn’t grab his dick. Later he’s talking about her boobs. She doesn’t like the way he’s talking to her. She walks away. She doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He gets angry and starts to swear. He starts to talk with Mo about his conversation with Nic. Nic walks in and she is pissed at him. She wants to see BB. She comes to the diary room and starts to cry. She says that she feels like shit.

Rex makes sure that all of the HM know of his argument.

Nic says that she regrets coming to he BBUK house. She should have thought this through.

As the HM passed this week’s task, they get a luxury shopping budget. Rachel, as this week’s HOH, is solely responsible for it. She can buy back Nic’s and Mo’s suitcases for 20£ each. Rachel decides to buy them back.

Rex apologizes to Nic. Darnell and Sara are in the luxury bedroom. Darnell tells her that he has hard-ons all of the time.

Yesterday, Stu talked about nominations. One hour ago, he’s put in jail.

BB has provided classical musical and cleaning products to clean the house. Rachel chose herself and Rex to help clean the house. Rex isn’t happy that Rachel didn’t get any ketchup. How can such a piss-ass uppity half-wit chef make such a big deal about ketchup? Sara tries to make Dale and Darnell feel better.

Stu has been in jail for 5 hours. Rex wants Nic to grab the good stuff for him. Like a sheep, she does as she is told. They get a goldfish, a didgeridoo, secret prizes in envelopes. Mikey is pissed off that Nic gave the envelopes to heaven. They grabbed them. Rex and Mo are opening them. Dale calls Rex a selfish bastard. After being told repeatedly that he’s a selfish bastard, he offers it to anyone quickly. Rex is an ass. He tries to badger Mikey. Rex finally announces that he doesn’t want the dry cleaning.

Mo grabbed the camera. Mo wants to eat the goldfish. He’s joking.

BB has gathered the other HM to watch Rachel’s video message from home. Her half-sister Nicola has been in touch with her family. I mean, I don’t give a shit about Rachel. I think that she’s a shit HM. I can’t believe that she’s not been kicked out yet.

Darnell and Dale are talking about Rex and Nic. They say that they think that Nic can’t really talk with anyone, because Rex is on her 24/7. Dale thinks that Rex likes her a lot. Darnell says that she’s more of a prize than anything else.

Mikey is in the diary room. He’s pissed at Nic for grabbing the best prizes and opening them himself. He’s extremely selfish. He thinks that Rex is rude and arrogant. Mikey thinks that Rex treats his girlfriend like shit. He’s been going on about her for months.

Sara is waxing her mustache. It isn’t sexy. Dale is in the garden talking with Stu. He’s been in jail for about 12 hours. Nic is in the diary room. She’s pretty happy about receiving her suitcase. In the beginning of the day, things were shit. She’s pretty happy.


The next evicted HM is Dale. He looks happy. Dale is greeted by a chorus of cheers. He’s extremely happy. He got the best reception of any HM in a long time. He says that Stu is devastated that he hasn’t gone. He wanted to have a week on BBLB.

He thinks that most of the house nominated him. Dale says that he say his famous quote to get into the house. He said that if there was any fanny in the house, he’d nail it. He’s not happy to see this again. Davina gives him a hug.

He’s asked about Jen. He’s shown the footage of Jen saying that she kind of loves him. Davina tells him to get on the phone and call Jen.

At the end of his interview, Jen walks up on the stage. They hug and talk. Dale starts to feel very hot.

* * * * *

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