Big Brother US S10E12 (CBS)

April is happy that Jerry didn’t use POV. Memphis says that there is no alliance. It’s time to start again. Keesha and Libra think that Jessie is coming after them. They both want him gone. They want April to change her mind. They try to tell her, but she isn’t concerned. Libra is pissed. Keesha can’t stand April. Keesha tells Memphis that he needs 4 votes.

Keesha tells Dan that she wants Jessie gone. Keesha and Libra talk. They need four people to vote their way in order to get Jessie out. Keesha talks with Dan. She thinks that they can get Renny to vote their way. They are only left with Dan. Libra doesn’t trust him because the others are going to vote a different way.

April talks with Jerry. She wants him to make sure that Dan will vote their way. He has a talk with him. After that, he goes to tell Jessie, who’s sleeping, that he’s covered.

Dan’s sister Kelly is pretty hot. His mother thinks that the HM are already suspicious. Renny thinks that Dan could be America’s Player.

Votes to evict

Michelle          Memphis

Ollie                Memphis

Jerry                Memphis

Libra                Jessie

Keesha            Jessie

Renny              Jessie

Dan                 Jessie

By a vote of 4-3, Jessie is evicted, against April’s wishes. April looks shocked. Ollie wants to know how the votes went down. Michelle is upset.

Last night, the HM got woken up by a scream at 1AM. They are recordings from people from American.

The HM are asked a few questions about the rude wake-up calls from last night created by BB viewers. Renny and Ollie are the first ones out. It’s between Libra and Michelle. Michelle is the new HOH. She goes around screaming traitors.

* * * * *

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