Big Brother UK S09D66 (Channel 4)

Stu has been in jail for 20 hours. He’s released and has to go to the diary room. He says that he would be shocked if he stayed.

Most of the HM are in the living room. Rex has done some laundry. Nic has some complaints. Rex is pissed that Nic doesn’t appreciate his effort. He starts to swear when he realizes that his tea cup is gone. He whinges about her to the other HM.

Would you like my banana?
Darnell to Sara

Rex is really domineering to Nic and condescending. He’s an ass. If Rex is nominated, he’ll be evicted for sure.

Yesterday HM purchased 10 every changing prizes. Among them was a crystal ball. Rachel is called to the diary room. She is told that the HM need to treat the crystal ball with proper respect.

Yesterday I held the crystal ball and I saw a vision of a horse.

Rex and Nic come to the diary room. Rachel and Dale are in the bathroom. The house is talking about each HM’s fans.

Today is the 8th day of the 8th month of 2008, the luckiest day in the Chinese calendar. Stu and Dale will compete in an unlucky obstacle course. For some reason, Dale paused in the task room where he was supposed to break some mirrors. Stu won.

It’s eviction night and someone needs to turn over the sausages. Nic is responsible, but she doesn’t move when Mikey tries to ask her to do it. She finally comes over after some prodding. She’s pretty lazy.

Nic and Rex are talking. They are arguing. It turns out that Nic thinks that Rex cheated on her. There have been some allegations in the papers, I guess. It must have been reported that he had an affair. She tells him that he looks guilty and paranoid. He’s always interrogating her about what happened on the outside. She says that nothing happened, but he wouldn’t be so paranoid if he wasn’t guilty of something.

Rex is a possessive bastard. He keeps accusing Nic of lying to him.

BB has provided some alcohol for the HM for passing today’s task. Rex asks Nic if there were any stories about him in front of the other HM. She doesn’t say anything. Sara is flirting heavily with Stu in the garden.

Rex says that he isn’t worried. BB warns the HM about asking Nic these stories. Darnell goes to the bedroom. He sees Stu and Sara hanging out. Sara notices Darnell hanging around. Rex continues probing Nicole about the stories and she flees to the diary room.

Stu and Rachel are in the bathroom. Rex is telling Sara that she was chatting Stu up. She was sitting on his lap. Rex says that Sara is playing Darnell as well. Sara goes back to see Stu. Kat tells her to go back in.

Rex teases Sara in the luxury bedroom. Rex tells her that she just told Darnell that she won’t sleep with him because he will try to have sex with her. Darnell is pissed. He wants her off his bed.

Sara leaves and sits by herself in the garden. Sara admits that she was trying to chat Stu up. Darnell says that Kat is always trying to hook Sara and Stu up so that Sara isn’t as close to him. Darnell is getting upset. Sara starts to shout and tells him that he can’t take a joke.

* * * * *

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