Big Brother UK S09D67 (Channel 4)

Rex and Rachel are talking about Darnell. Mikey thought that Darnell liked Sara.

Sara and Darnell are talking in the diary room. Sara is getting pissed off. She starts to shout. She’s getting pissed out. He can’t admit that he fancies her. Sara tells him to chill out. Rex walks in and says that she was being rude. It’s none of his business. Darnell starts to get animated. Sara says that she was joking. They start getting loud.

He says that he fancies her, but using double negatives. Sara doesn’t believe him. Sara tells him that you wouldn’t do this to someone. He makes her feel like shit. Darnell says that he quarrels with the people he likes most.

Rex says that he stayed in hotel that cost $1800 room. He was with his dad in Miami.

Sara asks Lisa why is everyone blaming her. They are in the luxury bedroom. She’s told Darnell already that she likes Stu. Darnell is just her mate, nothing more. Darnell tells Kat that he’s in a bad situation. He tells Kat that he does fancy Sara, using double negative.

I don’t completely not fancy Sara.

He runs into the bedroom and says that Sara is full of shit. She just sits around and doesn’t pursue Stu. Sara is exasperated. She doesn’t care about what he is saying. He’s talking rubbish. He’s being an ass.

Sara is getting upset. She is upset that it keeps getting mentioned. Stu isn’t getting involved.

Darnell and Mo are talking about Sara. He’s still talking about what happened. Mo says that Sara was leading Darnell on. Those two are gits.

Mikey comes to the diary room. Mikey says that Darnell is making an ass himself. He doesn’t think that Sara fancies Darnell, but she might fancy Stu. Since Sara is the only single girl, she’s got a lot of influence in the house. The house will be arguing until they leave.

For today’s task, the HM have to bake cakes in the form of famous landmarks. Rachel will choose the winner. HM are unaware that one HM from the winning team will become HOH. The winning team will also sleep in heaven.

Nic says that she’s happy that she’s not on Rex’s team. He’s bossing everyone around. HOH Rachel is in the living room. She has to wear a cupcake costume for the entirety of the task. It barley fits through the doors.

Darnell is secretly eating some chocolate. He leaves the task room. He goes to talk with Mo in the living room. Mo thinks that he wants to get booed. Rex comes to get them. Lazy Mo isn’t happy to have to help out.

Mikey made some icing. The icing is getting everywhere. Kat wants to read the instructions. Nic is making a mess of things on purpose it seems. She pours some of the icing on before the jam is on.

The HM from hell’s cake doesn’t look like the Millennium Dome. It looks like a pile of shit. Mikey pours the rest of the icing on the ground. It’s dripping everywhere. Mikey is eating some of the cake.

Rachel says that the HM from hell’s cake looks fine and it tastes great. Rex and Stu aren’t having it. The HM from heaven’s cake looks amazing. It tastes like ass. Rachel is going to pick the HM from hell’s cake. The HM from hell are told to choose the HOH from themselves.

Mikey says that it can’t be Nicole, she’s only been here for a week. Mikey says that it’s got to be him. Kat’s unwell. Rachel announces that Mikey is the new HOH.

Rex is pissed that they didn’t win. Darnell isn’t happy either. Darnell is getting worked up. Darnell says that their cake was so much happier.

Mikey is in the diary room. He’s given instructions to read to the group. HM from hell will be going to heaven. HM from heaven are going to hell. Rex is pissed. The HM have 10 minutes to move their stuff.

Mo asks Rachel why she’s so quiet. He asks her if she doesn’t feel guilty for having picked hell. She’s by herself at the dining room.

Nic and HOH Mikey are in the diary room. They get some booze and some treats in a hamper. This is only for HM from heaven.

When Rex sees the food, he continues to badger Rachel for having picked hell. Rex is a selfish bastard. He’s selfish miserable bastard.

BB has called Rachel to the diary room. She’s crying. Rex has been a bastard to her. Rachel is questioning her friendships. She’s in the bad books. The majority of the house dislikes her. She goes to bed and cries some more.

* * * * *

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