Big Brother UK S09D68 (Channel 4)

The HM had to shave off some hair. They passed this little task. Also, they found that the divide between heaven and hell had vanished.

The HM are unaware that the divide has been removed. There is no heaven or hell anymore. Yesterday Mikey became the new HOH. Greedy Mo is the first one up and notices it. He’s ecstatic and wakes everyone up. Rex jumps to snuggle with Nic. Lazy Mo has already taken over his bed.

Greedy Mo serves himself a giant plateful of the cakes. What a greedy bastard!

Rachel and Kat are reunited and they hug and cuddle. Kat starts to sing her annoying songs.

Mikey is told that he should wake up the HM. Mikey warns the HM that he will chug cups of water on people. Lazy Mo is sleeping of course.

Rex is a rude bastard. He nags Nic for eating without him. Mikey is in the diary room. He can’t fathom how much of a miserable bastard Rex is. Even after he has been reunited with Nic.

All HM must visit the BB barber. Mikey must designate a barber. All HM except the barber must have their hair caught. Lisa is the barber. Mikey and Darnell decide that they will get their hair shaven off.

Darnell is first up. He gets his shaven off. Kat is next. She’s behaving like a child. Just like Rex, who’s still in a pissy mood with Nicole. In the task room, Kat snips some of Lisa’s hair off. One of the task rules states that only the BB barber can use the scissors. Kat broke these rules.

Kat tells the HM what she did. The other HM are pissed because they know that Kat broke the rules. Rex calls her an idiot.

Rachel tells Kat not to worry. Darnell tells her that this isn’t just the Kat show. She needs to listen. Mikey is told that since Kat broke the rules, they have start over again.

Nic is adamant that she isn’t going to get her hair cut off. Lisa says that Kat was being a naughty child. Darnell says that this is what she does. She acts like a child, but is a grown woman.

You’re pathetic, you are pathetic.
Nic to Rex.

Kat is having her hair cut once again. Mikey is overseeing the task. Kat wants part of her shaved off.

Rex and Nic argue once again. They both tell each other to f**k off. Mikey says that if someone breaks the rules again, Lazy Mo will have his hair shaved off. Greedy Mo takes the opportunity to hit Mikey on the head. That was uncalled for.

Rex and Nic are arguing about belly buttons. They still continue arguing later on.

Greedy Mo is called to the diary room for slapping Mikey on the head. He’s told off for doing that. Lazy Mo says that he didn’t mean it in a bad way. He comes out and apologizes to Mikey. Mikey is gracious enough and tells Mo not to worry about it.

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Stu helps Mikey pour some water on Lazy Mo. He was sleeping. Lazy Momo is completely soaked. This was all Stu’s fault.

BB has rewarded the HM with some alcohol and some wigs. Rex wants Sara to kiss Mo. Sara doesn’t want to. Sara is chugging some champagne. Nic and Sara French kiss for 30 seconds. Mo gets a smooch on the lips. It lasted about 3 seconds.

Nic and Rex are getting a bit frisky underneath the covers.

Lisa is in the diary room. She expects a lot of changes in the HM in the next few days. They are all real competitors and it’s getting close to the end.

* * * * *

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