Big Brother UK S09D69 (Channel 4)

Stu and Rachel are nominated this week. This week’s task is all about the Olympics. Today, the HM had to perform opening ceremonies. Mikey has been given a megaphone.

Today, the HM will nominate. Mikey is immune. Sara is flirting with Darnell again. He gives her a slap on the bum. Rex and Nic get awoken by a siren. As HOH, Mikey has to make sure that all of the HM are up. Mikey is readying the water. He comes in with a jug of water. Rex tells Mikey that he will throw Mikey into the pool if he throws that water on them.

Lisa has been told that she’s crazy. Darnell and Sara agree. Stu tells them that Sara and Lisa are some of the weirdest people that he has met. Sara takes offense. She doesn’t think that she is weird, she’s crazy. Stu doesn’t care.

Darnell, Greedy Mo and Rex improvise some rap music in the living room.

Lazy Mo hits Nic in the face with an orange. Rex isn’t happy.


Darnell            Stu       Nic      “He wants to be here the least.”

Kat                  Stu       Lisa

Lisa                 Rex      Rachel “She’s devious, he’s arrogant.”

Mikey              Rex      Nic      “He bosses people around.”

Mo                   Stu       Rachel

Nic                  Stu       Rachel “He was an idiot. She licks Kat’s ass all the time.”

Rachel             Nic      Lisa     “There are things about her that I don’t like.”

Rex                  Stu       Rachel

Sara                 Mo       Rachel

Stu                   Kat      Rachel

Rachel got 6 noms, Stu has got 5. They will both face the public vote. Nic received 3. Darnell and Sara received no nominations.

Lazy Mo is sleeping again at the sofas. Stu and Sara want Mikey to throw water on Lazy Mo. They made too much noise. Lazy Mo is up. Lazy Mo denies that he was sleeping. Stu gets involved. Lazy Mo gets some water on him anyway.

-If you throw a cup of water on me, I’ll piss on you in your sleep.
-You just do that Rex, and we’ll see how long you’ll last in the house.
Rex and Mikey

Lazy Mo is either sleeping/wanking or shitting in the toilet. Mikey is told to wake everyone up once again. It was actually Sara. Kat was also sleeping a bit. Mikey squirts some water on her. Kat says that she will get him back. She takes the duck and squirts him four times in the face.

Rex tells Mikey that he can get arrested for assault for squirting water at him. Rex and Mikey start arguing loudly. Rex starts to shout. He says that Mikey has been sleeping all of the time. The duck and the water aren’t working anymore. Kat is pissed at Mikey for squirting water at her. She tells him as much.

Sara, Mikey and Lisa are talking about Kat in the bathroom. They can’t stand the double standard. Rex continues to bitch about Mikey in the living area. Darnell says that Stu is bringing down Lisa and Sara as well. He tells the HM in the bathroom about this.

Rachel tells some stupid story about her youth. Rex can’t believe how stupid that story. Stu goes to see Darnell about his comment. Darnell says that Mikey, Sara and Lisa are spending all of their time together. They are cutting themselves off from the rest of the group. Darnell says that his group had to become friends in the beginning. They start talking loudly about this. Darnell calls them fools. Sara starts to swear. Lisa doesn’t like it either. Darnell is making an idiotic issue and singling other HM out. He’s talking shit. Stu calls his statement stupid. They argue loudly. Sara thinks that this is ridiculous.

Mikey says that he doesn’t like Rex but he does like Nicole.

Lazy Mo is sleeping. Mikey says that it’s not a happy house. Rex says that Mikey blames the people he doesn’t like. Mikey says that he had to shave his hair off to pass the task. This is because of Kat. Kat thinks that she’s blameless. Kat says that Mikey is trying to make her look back. Lisa thinks that Kat is ridiculous. Rex tells all of them to grow up. Lisa tells Darnell that they are friends now, so don’t undo it. She tells Darnell that he’s continually trying to prove himself. Darnell tries to make fun of Lisa, but she’s making sense.

Kat apologizes to Mikey, he does so as well. It’s surprising to see that Lazy Mo is up once again.

Nic and Rex are getting busy underneath the covers once again. Rex is called to the diary room. BB always does that when they are about to have sex or get busy. He gets asked nothing important.

* * * * *

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