Big Brother US S10E13 (CBS)

Keesha is happy that Jessie has left. She’s happy she pulled it off. April almost vomited. She wasn’t happy at all. Michelle felt betrayed. Dan felt the pressure. Libra was also ecstatic that Jessie left. Jerry blames Dan. Jerry doesn’t respect him anymore. Michelle and April quickly talk. They think that Dan is part of the problem.

Dan took his cross. He didn’t swear on his religion.

Michelle starts to attack Renny in the kitchen. She’s an easy target. Michelle is double-teaming her with Jerry. April joins in the fray and calls out Libra. They start screaming. April says that she swore on her kids. Jerry screams on the sidelines.

Michelle says that Dan isn’t a school teacher. April says that he’s a disgrace. Jerry adds that he needs to be praying. Memphis can’t believe what he is hearing. Memphis comes to talk with Dan. Dan is lying low in his room. Memphis trusts Dan since he voted for him. Memphis is at a good place. He’s got Michelle’s ear, and a sub-alliance with Dan. He’s not part of the other alliance in the house.

Michelle tells Dan that they are making him do their dirty work. Michelle leaves the door open for talking about an alliance. Michelle and Libra are talking again, not shouting. She tells Libra that she would be offended if she didn’t come up to see her HOH room.

Memphis thinks that April is being overtly fake. He can’t stand the fakeness. The letter from Michelle’s home is too much for Renny. She leaves quickly to cry in her room. Dan goes to comfort her.

April, Ollie, Michelle and Jerry are talking about Dan. Jerry won’t talk with him anymore. Jerry says that he wants Dan to burn in hell. They want to get Libra out.

It’s time for the food comp. It’s some kind of gameshow. Brian is hosting the gameshow. They will play against old season favorites. Chicken George, Bunky, Amy, Jun, Jase, Janelle, Boogie, Jen and Matt are playing against the HM.

April doesn’t like seeing Ollie clap for Janelle. She feels threatened. The game show consists of guessing if a news item was actually in the news. The HM are on slop on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They get food on Tuesday and Sunday. They don’t get a grill but they get a feast.

Memphis talks with Michelle. He says that he doesn’t have an alliance with anyone but her.

Renny thinks that April is a total bitch and that she needs to leave. Renny campaigns hard to get her nominated. She blames Jessie leaving on April. She mentions that April didn’t make Jerry use the POV on Jessie.

Michelle nominates Libra and Keesha.

In my house, he will always be known as Judas.
Jerry on Dan

* * * * *

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