Burn Notice S02E04 (USA)

Burn Notice is a dramedy featuring intelligence work. Mike Weston used to work in intelligence, but got burned. He’s now stuck in Miami and has spent most of last season looking for the ones who put a burn notice out on him. He’s joined by an old friend Sam (Bruce Campbell), who is keeping tabs on him for the FBI counter-intelligence unit, and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), an Irish gun totting ex-girlfriend, doing low-key operations in Miami, trying to help out and to make some money.

I thought that Burn Notice was enjoyable. It’s not the best of shows, but certainly follows the comedic elements put forth by Psych. We didn’t learn much about Mike. There was not a lot revealed about who Mike really works for. In the past, intelligence operatives worked exclusively for countries. Now corporate interests are also represented. Some of the largest corporations have profits well in excess of those of some countries. It’s just natural that the intelligence field was privatized as well, just like the armed forces are slowly being replaced by mercenary outfits run by giant corporations.

Nate gets Mike involved in a new op to take down some Russian human traffickers. Meanwhile, they get closer to the ever elusive Carla. Things don’t always go as planned.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Mike is going over the file he obtained from Waseem. About a third of it is redacted, making it hard to find out a lot about her.

Fi spots that Mike is being followed. It’s just Nate. He says that the receptionist at his work is being hassled by the Russian mob. They have her sister. She’s at their mom’s.

Katya tells a sob story. She tried to bring her sister over from the Ukraine. Some mobsters want money from her for getting her over. It’s $50K. They already took $25K from her. Her sister got involved with human traffickers.

Mike has Sam looking into Carla’s agriculture cover. She used that in Pakistan. She might still use a similar cover here.

Ivan is really part of the Russian mob. His Russian prison tattoos tell his story.

Sam is wining and dinning Harvey Gundarson, the agriculture man. He is putting together a list of irrigation specialists. After a $600 lunch, Sam hasn’t got the last. Harvey just wants to drag it out.

Ivan is just the money man. Fi followed him all day. He doesn’t go near the girls. Mike wants to grab him. Sam thinks that if they pose as government types and interrogate him, they’ll get something out of him. Fi does the grabbing.

Fi uses her smoking hot body to nab Ivan. He sees her coming and they scuffle. Fi stuns herself and Ivan by stunning him while he holds her leg. Sam exclaims that Fi is nutters.

Mike and Sam prep their secret facility to question Ivan. They make it look like they torture people.

They have 3 days. Sam wants to use Mike and Nate. Mike is going in posing as another prisoner. Nate is a guard. Mike uses Sambo, a Russian mixed martial art, to convince Ivan to confide in him. Mike’s Russian is good enough.

Mike gets a location. Sam and Fi are on the case. Harvey only gave 2 names to Sam. Fi says that Harvey is working him good. Fi borrowed a thermal camera from her neighbors boat. He’s been spying on her through her walls. She figures that they are even.

They spot Takarov, the Russian that runs half of the Russian mob in the city. Fi and Sam are in the restaurant. Sam stages the diversion. Fi goes up. She goes to the shielded room and only finds some software piracy.

Nate told Katy about the restaurant. She isn’t happy. Mike isn’t happy that Nate told her about the restaurant. She’s very hot-tempered.

Sam isn’t getting anywhere with Harvey. Sam tells Harvey that he’s with the DEA. Harvey finally tells him that he will have the list tomorrow. They leave Ivan stewing.

Ivan reveals that the girls are in a safe house. His men have orders to kill the girls if anyone else but him arrive there. They also have until Friday.

Mike says that he’s going to have to escape. Mike stages it right so it looks probable. Ivan leads Mike to the girls. He leaves Mike in charge. Ivan leaves. Sam, Fi and Mike take out the guards.

Ivan comes to tell Takarov that the operation in Tampa is gone. Ivan says that he talked with the CIA and Sergei took the girls. Takarov kills Ivan and skipped town.

Mike has got Carla’s business card. Her cover name is Carla Baxter. They have a PO Box. They surveil it.

* * * * *

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