City Homicide Guilty As Charged S02E05 (Channel 7 AUS)

This is the 5th episode of the second season of the Australian police procedural drama City Homicide. I gave this series a go when it started. I was pleasantly surprised. The Australian feel for this drama is really nice. Much like British shows, City Homicide is quite different from American ones.

That means that not a lot of Americans will be watching the show. In fact, I’m willing to bet that not a lot of people outside of Australia watch it. Nevertheless, it’s a really nice drama. The cases are surprising and the insider politics that the crew has to deal with are also very interesting.

The acting is good as well all around, apart for a few minor glitches along the way in female guest stars. What really sets City Homicide apart is the overall quality of the show. The cinematography is really top notch. Superb shots of Melbourne and beautiful post processing make this show a must for people enjoying visual eye candy of the architectural type.

One thing that I do like is that there aren’t fifty CSI techs running around finding evidence. The detectives themselves have to do the work. This sort of thing comes from the popularity of the CSI TV shows. I think of The Sweeney when I think of City Homicide, and that’s a great thing. I recommend this show without reservations.

City Homicide is a nitty gritty police drama. I recommend City Homicide.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Endicott is a very smart murderer. After beating the murder charge, he’s free to go. Mapplethorpe can’t let it go. She goes over the case, even after Wolfie told her to let it go. They can’t charge Endicott with the same crime.

Mapplethorpe gets herself in danger when Endicott starts stalking her. Thanks to Freeman and Joyner, she’s safe. They are following Mapplethorpe to cover her, after she mentioned that Endicott was following her.

Excellent story and gripping pacing. Really well done. The show has been on break for the last few weeks. It must be because of the Olympics.

* * * * *

Endicott murdered his wife Louise Catherine Endicott. He did this in front of his daughter. He also murdered his 4 year old daughter. We see him smother them. In court he denies it.

The daughter’s mother starts to scream at him. Endicott is acquitted from all charges.

Mapplethorpe is watching this on the TV at the station. They didn’t have the bodies. Wolfie tells her to go home. Mapplethorpe wants to see the Pollfries, the in-laws.

Mapplethorpe arrives just in time to see them in an altercation with Endicott. Mapplethorpe arrests him. She wants him charged with assault and resisting arrest.

The parents want Mapplethorpe to find the bodies of their child and grandchild. Since Endicott can’t be charged for the same crime again, she tries to reason with him.

She’s interrogating him. She threatens him but Wolfie walks in to stop her.

Their next case involves Santorini, who decapitated and dismembered a body. He used a chain saw. Joyner tells Mapplethorpe to concentrate on the case, Endicott walked. He’s not the first and won’t be the last.

Mapplethorpe doesn’t know it, but Endicott is stalking her. He knows where she lives. The next morning, Mapplethorpe’s cat is missing. She doesn’t think much of it until she gets in her car. She sees a strange little burial plot. It has a little cross and her cat’s collar around it. She digs and finds two dolls buried. A big one and a smaller one.

Mapplethorpe tells Matty, but doesn’t want Wolfie to know. Endicott might reveal what he did with the bodies. He’s telling Mapplethorpe runs into Endicott. He’s stalking her.

Joyner tells the squad that Santorini will plead guilty and will get only charged for manslaughter. After some prodding, Mapplethorpe tells Wolfie what has been going on. Freeman tells Mapplethorpe that Matty did the right thing. Freeman tells her that she wanted this. She provoked him into doing this.

Wolfie has Matty fill him in on what happened. They drop in to see Endicott. Endicott says that he was going to see his accountant. Endicott thinks of getting a restraining order against her. He makes them leave.

Wolfie warns Mapplethorpe to stay away from Endicott. She doesn’t seem eager to comply. Wolfie tells her that she’s on stress leave. She tells the squad. They all know that she won’t let it go. She’ll use these days to work on the case.

Wolfie comes back to his office and finds Linda waiting for her. She wants to talk. She wants him to come home. Linda wants to talk in the car right now. He asks her about Joss McGovern. She immediately leaves the car. She says that it’s not about him, it’s about us. They have a screaming match. She says that it wasn’t about sex, it was about companionship. Wolfie can’t stand the fact that McGovern put his hands all over her. Linda says that she is going home to pack. She’ll take the girls to her sister’s. She tells him to give him a few hours and then it will be safe to come home.

Mapplethorpe reviews the interview tapes. Endicott canceled his daughter’s asthma medication a week before he allegedly killed her.

Freeman is at her door. He tells her that she took out the interview tapes without signing them out. Wolfie will find out too. He brought a wine bottle. Freeman tells her that it’s not worth her life, because that could be what it will come to.

Matty and Freeman are watching Mapplethorpe. She’s doing all of the rental companies. Endicott didn’t use his car to dump the bodies. He might have rented one. Joyner is covering for them at the office.

She finds that he hired a van under the name Joleign Wainwright. The photos don’t match. The guy was absent a few months ago when the cops came looking. He was in Bangkok. Mapplethorpe isn’t aware that Endicott is watching them as well. However Matty and Freeman spot him following her. They take photos and know that she must be onto something.

She traces him to a service station. He points her to the place where he spotted the van. Endicott will no doubt follow her and try to kill her. The cops are following her. They get delayed by a tractor. Jenny doesn’t know it. Matty phones her, but gets voicemail. She arrives at a secluded spot. She hears him behind her. He’s got a machete. Endicott knows that she’s off duty and has no gun. He admits to killing them.

She manages to run back to her car, but sees that Endicott pierced her tires. She takes him out with a road sign. Matty and Freeman arrive and arrest him.

Endicott wants to do only five years. He wants it in writing and with a lawyer present.

He leads them to the bodies.

Five years for a double murder, that usually gets you the death sentence or life. Endicott will probably do only 3 with time off for good behavior.

Mapplethorpe says that 5 years is like a death sentence for Endicott. Prisons are filled with people like Santorini, who hate child killers. They will find out, she promises. This leads us to believe that Endicott will go to prison and be murdered.

Justice was served in the end.

* * * * *

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