In Plain Sight S01E10 (USA)

In Plain Sight follows a kind of show that has been made very popular on USA. It follows Burn Notice and Psych. It’s half comedy, half drama. Dramedy. The stories follow Mary Shannon, an officer for the US Marshals Witness Protection. Actually, Psych is all comedy, but you get the idea. It kind of reminds me of Saving Grace on TNT.

On July 21st, In Plain Sight was renewed for a second 16 episode season. That pretty good news.

They have to relocate and protect witnesses to federal cases. In this episode, Mary and Marshall have to deal with two protected witnesses interacting. This is against the rules of Witsec.

They believe that Sergei is exploiting Tasha in some fashion, but it’s not obvious in the beginning of Mary’s investigation. Plus, Sergei is Marshall’s witness, not hers. Finally, they are able to get to the truth.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

In San Francisco, two months ago, a guy is working his telemarketing scam. The secretary is flirting with him. He gets another $5000 from Mrs. Borzov. Sergei talks with his boss, Mr. Damoslav. He’s not happy with the results. Damoslav threatens Sergei. He wants more money from his top earner. The secretary is a cop. He gets busted.

In the present, Sergei hits on Mary. She doesn’t give a shit.

Brandy is packing up her stuff. Chuck’s bag has got coke in it. She’s taking a flight. Mary is driving her to the airport. Brandy tells Mary that she probably won’t do any better than Raph. She should give him another chance.

How does she think she will be able to go through security with a bag of coke?

Brandy doesn’t get on a plane. She gets right back into a taxi.

Marshall says that Mary is passive aggressive by being late. They find Sergei making out with one of their witnesses Tasha. She says that she follows the rules. She said that she met Sergei through a dating service. She is working with Serge now. She was the witness who got new boobs thanks to the Service. She makes 3x times more money.

Mary wants both of the witnesses relocated immediately. She lets Stan know. She wants a detail posted on them.

Brandy is in a motel. Chuck has her hooked up with a dude named Spanky. He’s a Russian. Chuck planned the exchange, drugs for money. She’s still in Albuquerque.

Marshall is impressed with Sergei’s new flatscreen. He bought it on credit. He will sell it in a year. Tasha comes to see her boyfriend. She sees Mary and Marshall. Stan arrives and is briefed by the Marshals. He wants this clusterf**k cleared up. Stan starts to make some calls.

Mary copies Sergei’s files on his computer. Mary has a talk with Tasha. Marshall talks with Sergei. Tasha has made a decision. She says that she will leave the program before she will leave Sergei. The high-ups have told Stan that the decision rests upon his shoulder. Stan lets them stay together.

The files are all encrypted on Sergei’s HD. It’s got some security on it as well and the anti-hacker fries Mary’s computer. Stan has her hand it back to Marshall, who’s pissed that she scanned Sergei’s HD.

Brandy meets Russell and his girl. His girl is creepy. He wants to do E later on. Brandy is uncomfortable. She doesn’t know what she got herself into. She finds a baby behind the shower curtain. It’s pretty quiet.

Mary checks out the dating service. She snoops around and finds that Sergei has been dating 5 girls. She comes back with Serge’s profile. The woman says that Serge is a bit of a player. Serge is going out with other women. She tells Tasha. Tasha is living, but Serge quickly defuses the situation. Mary is shocked.

Marshall brought the USB drive to IT. He’s got a list of the last few sites that Serge visited. It appears that Serge is running some kind of internet business.

Mary and Marshall find that Serge is running a secret webcam sex service.

The ATF arrests Russell, his girl and Spanky. Brandy called them. She leaves in a taxi.

Mary comes back to see Raph. She’s crying.

Tasha will be relocated.

Mary comes to see Raph. He’s got Brandy’s head lying on her lap. She immediately leaves.

* * * * *

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