Mad Men Flight 1 S02E02 (AMC)

Mad Men is a American TV show on the cable network AMC. It was created by Matthew Weiner, best known for working on The Sopranos.

Mad Men follows the life of Don Draper, a self-made ad-man in Manhattan. He’s recently been made partner, after Roger Sterling, another partner, had a heart-attack. He’s got two children and a wife named Betty. Don is a womanizer, albeit not as blatant as a few other guys at the office. He always sees a girl on the side. The first half of the last season, he was seeing a girl name Midge. Later on, he became involved with Rachel Menken.

Don always tries to be discreet, but this actually caused some trouble. Rachel left at the end of last season on a cruise.

Don is an enigmatic man. He’s a man with no past. That’s because he was originally Dick Widman, the bastard child of a farmer and a prostitute. His mother died in childbirth and he went on to live a loveless life with his father, who died when he was 10.

Dick joined the army and took a new name when his lieutenant was killed. He reinvented himself since then.

Peggy Olsen is another main character. She started out as a secretary but has recently been made a junior copywriter with her own office. It’s almost unheard of in this office, which is dominated by men. Peggy had a bastard child last season, thanks to Pete, a junior exec at Sterling-Cooper, who has become jealous of her raw talent.

The show takes place in the 1960s. Misogyny, racism, sexism and other social issues are prevalent here. Mad Men doesn’t hide them. They actually are in your face, so it’s hard to forget that America used to be like that in the past. Everybody smokes and drinks in this show. It’s incredible that they manage to work as much drunk.

I managed to watch the episodes over the last few days. It was pretty entertaining.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Pete gets some terrible news. It affects him deeply, though he will not admit to it. His character is further developed. Instead of seeing Don as an enemy, he now sees him like a mentor.

Don doesn’t like what he has to do in order to possibly land a big account. He’s pissed at Roger, Duck and Cooper for wanting to do this.

Although Pete is shell shocked, Duck wants to use his pain in order to get the new account. Pete almost doesn’t go to the meeting, but in the end he marshals through. It looks like Pete is always imagining and questioning himself. He seems to tackle most situations by wondering how Don would approach them. It hasn’t led him astray yet.

This was an excellent episode. It was filled with racism. Joan doesn’t like African-Americans, and she lets Kinsy know about this. He was hosting a swinging party with his black girlfriend. Joan made sure that he knew the way that she felt. Kinsy retaliates later at the office.

* * * * *

Pete and Trudi are heading to an office party. Trudi isn’t happy about the black people there. They meet up with Harry and Jennifer. It’s a swinging party. Joan is nicely scandalized to meet Paul’s girlfriend. Why is she scandalized? She’s black. She makes a few racial slurs.

Peggy didn’t take her date back home. The next morning, she is ignoring the phone.

Don and Roger arrive at the office. They find everyone grouped together. An American Airlines plane just went down. Draper wisely pulls the Mohawk Airlines campaign. He doesn’t want the ads to clash with the news coverage. The boys make some distasteful jokes.

Duck comes and joins Cooper and Roger in the head office. He was talking with some guy at AA. The company rep wants to make a fresh advertising start, meaning that they might switch to Sterling Cooper.

Pete gets some bad news. It turns out that his father was on the plane. Don tells him to go home. Pete doesn’t want to tell anyone.

Cooper wants to see Don. Don isn’t happy. In order to land AA, they need to drop Mohawk. Duck wants to drop Mohawk because they might have a chance for AA. Duck isn’t happy. Neither is Don.

Pete goes home, after Don insists that he leaves. Pete is told by his brother that his father was broke. He took out a lot of loans. His mother didn’t know.

Don comes home. Betty tells Don that Francine and Carlton are coming over to play cards. Don looks exhausted. Carlton tells Don a shitty story about how sexy his babysitter is. Don doesn’t give a shit.

Peggy comes to see her mom. She’s still dragging her vacuum cleaner. Her mom has issues because Peggy doesn’t go to church anymore. The vacuum belongs to her mom.

At the Drapers, the kids are listening in to their parents playing cards with their friends. Carlton looks terribly fat. Don brings Bobby to bed.

Peggy’s child is with her mother and sister.

Kinsy is avoiding Joan. She is racist. She tries to put him in his place, but she just looks dumb.

Duck comes to see Pete the next day. He learned of Pete’s father’s death in the NY Times. Duck tells Pete that they are going after American Airlines. He wants Pete on board. Pete says that he can’t. His father just died on an AA plane.

In retaliation, Paul takes Joan’s handbag. Roger comes to tell Don that he should cut Mohawk loose. That will get them in the place to do a pitch for AA. Don isn’t happy.

As Joan leaves, she finds that someone photocopied her driver’s license and posted it on the wall. She’s in her thirties. Peggy tells her that she would have never guessed that Joan was in her thirties.

Pete wants a word with Don, but Don is preoccupied with his meeting with Henry from Mohawk. He is gruff and rude. Pete walks away in a daze.

Duck is told that the agency change with AA will be a process. Duck tells the AA guy that they dumped Mohawk. Pete comes by. Pete makes his play by saying that at Sterling-Cooper, there will always be someone who knows what they went through on their account. He says that his father was on the plane that crashed.

Peggy goes to church with her family.

* * * * *

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