Weeds Little Boats S04E09 (Showtime)

Clown fish in Atoll Reef in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Weeds is an American satirical comedy television series. Marie-Louise Parker plays a widowed housewife named Nancy Botwin from an affluent California suburb who becomes an upper-middle-class marijuana dealer to make ends meet.

Things started slowly, with Nancy just dealing a bit of weed on the side. It rapidly became more serious. She went from being a simple dealer, to a grower, to a distributor. In the last season, she hooked up with Guillermo, a serious Narco trafficker in charge of a part of LA for a Mexican drug cartel.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Nancy and Reyes don’t get to see each other a lot, since they both lead busy lives. This episode concentrates on her sons, Silas and Shane, and their sexual issues. Shane is wanking off to naked pics of his mom and Silas is shagging Lisa, a MILF.

She decides to address both situations at the same time. Doug and Andy have an incredible reputation south of the border thanks to their Coyote business.

* * * * *

Reyes has canceled a few dates with Nancy. He’s busy. He wants to take her out on his boat.

Silas is moving his new plants to his new grow room. Doug and Silas tease Nancy about the rain checks.

Celia is stealing money from the maternity store in order to pay for her new drug habit.

Andy catches Shane wanking off in the bathroom. He finds that Shane was wanking off to nudie pics from his mom. He tells Nancy. She’s going to have to deal with this.

Nancy pays a visit to Silas’ new pot room. She sees that Silas is sleeping with Lisa.

While Ignacio is in the can, Celia goes through the tunnel to find some dope. Ignacio won’t sell her anymore dope.

Doug finds someone who knows Maria, his Mermax. It was just a trap to get them into the hands of the bad Coyote. The people that El Andy helped defend him.

Listen, you cockjuggling thundercunt…
Doug to some old Mexican lady

Ignacio tells Nancy what happened. Nancy understands and she wants it kept quiet. Nancy has to cancel her date with Reyes in order to take care of Celia.

Cesar tells Reyes that Nancy is dangerous. They have footage of Celia in the tunnel.

Nancy has a talk with Shane about the photos. She just flushed them down the toilet. She is talking with Shane and Silas. She thinks that Silas also needs a talk, since he’s shagging Lisa, who is a mother as well.

Reyes cancels his date with Nancy again.

Isabelle discovers that her mom is shooting heroine. She threatens to call her dad.

Shane has got a rep now at school. He’s dangerous because he whacked Dan on the face.

Silas is moaning about his mom to Lisa. He wants to move in with her.

El Andy is in a bar in Mexico. He thanks his friends for saving him with some drinks. Raoul tells El Andy that he will help his tall, sad, baby friend find his Mermax.

Silas comes home and tells his mom that Lisa decided to slow things down.

As she heads up to her room, she sees strange lights coming from outside. She sees Reyes sitting silently on her porch. She joins him in an embrace and they watch the lights, while two bodyguards watch him. The lights are little boats from a rotating lamp.

* * * * *

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