Big Brother UK S09D70 (Channel 4)

Mikey has to guess who wins the races correctly three times out of five in order for the HM to pass the task. He was correct for the egg and spoon race.

The HM are told about this week’s task. It’s the BB games. The HM have to prepare an opening routine. HM have been provided with costumes and props.

It gives the HM something to do. The opening ceremony was alright. The HM have been parading for 18 minutes. They have to continue until BB tells them to stop. They have to parade in the rain. It’s been almost 30 minutes. Mikey has to make a speech as well.

The HM are back inside. Rex is cooking. Rex is pissed. Someone drunk his cider. My guess is that it’s Greedy Mo. Mikey is put on the case. It turns out that Darnell drunk them. Lisa was involved. It turns out that someone had five. Lisa gave them to Greedy Mo. Lisa had five cans of cider. Greedy Mo says that he had three cans. Rex says that Greedy Mo is lying. It turns out that the HM took out the cans, which belonged to Rex, and gave three to Greedy Mo and shared the other two.

Later, Rex tells Nic that Mo is one greedy bastard. Greedy Mo comes out. Rex and Nic aren’t happy with him. Rex tells Mo that’s the reason why he is called Greedy Mo. Rex and Nic just walk away from him.

The HM are doing their circuit training. Darnell completed his in 9:42. Kat is having trouble with hers.

Rex is preparing dinner. Lazy Mo is sleeping on the sofas.

The HM are told that Rachel and Stu will face the public vote.

Mo is doing his circuit training. Kat did hers in 23 min. Lisa did hers in 9:55. Kat is crying because Rachel is nominated.

Mikey is called to the diary room. He is told that HM must give their full effort to the task. He comes out and tells the HM to push themselves.

Greedy Mo says that he doesn’t want that much pasta. Sara completes her circuit training in 13:13. Rex has the fastest time at 8:24. Stu completes his in 7:54.

Kat and Mikey are in the diary room. Kat is upset that Rachel is nominated. Kat comes out and says that Rachel isn’t leaving. Rex says that Rachel is leaving. He says that Stu will stay.

Sara and Stu are on the sofas. She’s flirting with him again. She says that he’s got nice eyes and a nice face.

Lisa and Mikey are talking about Rex. Mikey says that he’s still miserable bastard. He’s one of the most miserable, arrogant and selfish bastards that he’s met.

* * * * *

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