Big Brother UK S09D71 (Channel 4)

Today the HM will be competing in the 2nd part of the BB games. Sara is screaming for a lighter. Rex calls her a child.

Lisa is in the diary room. She says that she has been dreaming of the Olympics. She had a restless night.

Rachel says that the fish are dying. Greedy Mo will get to eat them after all. Sara tells Rex that he’s made at least 8 comments to piss her off. She’s pissed off at him. She tells Nic to sort Rex out. She says that Rex is rude.

Lazy Mo is in the diary room. He nominated Rachel. He thinks he made the wrong decision. He finds that Kat is treating him differently. She apparently knows that he nominated Rachel. He says that he has fallen out with some people, like Sara. It’s because he’s paranoid. Keeping his friends close and his enemies closer isn’t always good for him.

Lazy Mo wants to use the blow dryer. Five girls want to use the hair straightener. Mo is being called selfish once again. Rachel got some products to save the goldfish.

He doesn’t want to die.
Rachel about the fish

Darnell tells Lazy Mo that he’s let surviving the evictions get to his head. Lazy Mo is worse and more negative in the house. He over exaggerates. Darnell says that he’s a different guy. Lazy Mo says that he’s like that at work and at home as well.

HM will compete in twos and threes in five events. Mikey must predict the winners in three out of five tasks in order for the HM to pass this week’s shopping task. He has to stay in the diary room for the duration of the task.

Mikey thinks that Rachel will win the next event. She’s competing with Rex. Rachel is shouting annoying things all along. She wins easily.

The second event is the short jump. Mikey selected Darnell and Sara to compete. He thinks that Sara will win. Sara wins.

The next event involves floating in the pool with an island attached to their groin. He chooses Rex to win. Rex wins easily.

Mikey has predicted that Lisa will win the feather throwing event. So far, Lisa is in the lead. Lazy Mo wins.

Lisa, Rachel and Stu are competing in the slow race event. Mikey selects Lisa to win. Stu wins easily.

The HM win the luxury shopping budget. Rachel is crying because the fish are dead.

Greedy Mo isn’t making any sense. He says that the next week is the best week to be HOH, if he pisses HM off like Rachel. Mo starts to shout with Darnell. They are almost talking about nominations.

Darnell tells Sara that they have never really had a real conversation. Darnell says that he’s always the last person to find out about certain things. Mo just walks away. Sara says that they don’t really have anything special between them. Darnell feels that in the house, he’s about her 3rd of 4th best friend. Sara finds this interesting.

Kat is talking with Lazy Mo in the bedroom. He made some comment that upset her. He says that he said that only to make the HM angry. He wants to leave. He admits that he’s breaking down. They are talking about nominations and who they would nominate by using the word “trip”.

Lazy Mo says that Sara is very paranoid. Darnell is talking with Mo. Mo says that he doesn’t trust Sara. Mikey chimes in and says that he doesn’t trust her either. Kat says that she doubts Sara as well. Mikey says that she doesn’t fancy anyone. Darnell says that Sara fancies Rex and Stu big time. Mikey says that Sara has been starstruck by Rex ever since she came into the house. That’s why Rex has been winding her up so much. That’s why Nicole doesn’t like Sara.

* * * * *

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