Big Brother UK S09D72 (Channel 4)

The crowd is chanting get Rex out.

Most of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Nic looks like a kid. Meanwhile, Darnell and Lazy Mo are talking about Nic. Darnell doesn’t know why Nicole is so confident. Rex must really be the man on the streets. Darnell says that it’s not worth it because if Mo tries to take Rex’s shine away, he’ll get really pissed off. Lazy Mo is getting paranoid again. Lazy doesn’t understand what Darnell is saying. Darnell doesn’t know what just happened. He leaves. What Mo understood is that he shouldn’t talk to Rex anymore, because he is interfering with Rex’s relationship.

Rex puts on a strange man-monokini thong like thing. Nicole isn’t impressed. Darnell and Stu are in the bathroom. Stu doesn’t think that Mikey is the favorite anymore. Darnell says that it’s all about Rex and Nicole. Darnell does like Rex, but it’s not the best idea to have Nic in here as well.

Rachel tells Mo that he shouldn’t change. He should just walk if he wants to leave. He says that he’s paranoid. Rachel says that he’s been weird all week.

BB has called Lisa and Mikey to the diary room to do this week’s shopping budget.

Rex asks Sara who is going to stay. She says that she would prefer if Stu would stay. Rachel hasn’t been annoying anyone.Sara says that she definitely wants to snog Stu. Mo says that Sara wants to f*ck him.

Fat Kat is in the bathroom. She’s talking with Mr. Swan, the faucet. She’s going mental.

Darnell is in the diary room. He feels bad about nominating Nic. He’s worried about when Rex finds out that he nominated Nicole.

There are bees in the garden. Rex says that people have to be allergic to bee stings to die of them. Lisa goes on prattling about some nonsense. She compares wasps with rattlesnakes. After she’s informed that the cobra is more venomous, she compares the wasp to a cobra.

Lazy Mo is trying to sleep by wearing sunglasses inside the house. He’s told off by BB.

Lisa says that she overheard Rex telling Nic that he would chop off her high heels. Rex says that it’s not cool for Nic to be taller than him. Lisa says that Nicole is taller than Rex regardless. She isn’t. Nic says that she will wear whatever she wants. Rex calls Nicole a selfish bitch. He thinks that Nic makes him look like a dick when they go out because she is taller than him in heels.

Stu tells the HM that next week, the HM nominated will be the HM that are the most hated, since he’s no longer there to take the votes.

Stu says that Kat and Rachel have always said that they liked all of the HM. Darnell agrees. The girls say that they can still like HM if they nominate them.

Lazy Mo and Kat are called to the diary room. Darnell asks for some jail time. They have spoken about noms. They will go to jail. Rex is happy that Mo is going to jail, because he drank all of their cider. They tell Greedy Mo that owes them some cider. Rachel isn’t happy because Kat is going to jail. She thinks that it’s her last night. Greedy Mo wants his beers. He asks Rachel to get them for him. Rachel has got a really annoying attitude and voice.

Mo is banging against the bars. Sara and Stu are in the garden.

Rex tell Rachel that Greedy Mo isn’t getting any beer. He’s giving back the beers to Rex. Nic chimes in as well. Rachel comes to see Greedy Mo. Greedy Mo says that Rex isn’t taking any of his alcohol. Mo says that Rex called him a thief. He hasn’t apologized to him for that. Rex and Nic come to the ashtray. Mo and Rex get at it, it’s pretty entertaining.

Mikey purchased 35 special BB prizes, these include a brain, a heart, some shoes and some courage. Mo and Kat are in the prison. Greedy Mo is going bonkers because he knows that he can’t run into the stock room and grab food and alcohol.

Rex says that he’s lost all respect for Greedy Mo since this incident. Nic agrees. Rex runs into the stock room. They got 10 ciders and 4 beers. Rex doesn’t plan on taking any from Mo’s stock. He gives Rex four ciders. Greedy Mo thanks him. Greedy Mo is a greedy bastard. Greedy bastard Mo is about to cry. Rex says that Mo didn’t even thank him. Nic says that Greedy Mo is an asshole.

Nic is starting to annoy Mikey. She implies that Mikey is stealing food. Mikey says that all that Nic does is criticizes. She never praises anyone. The HM exchanged a record voucher. Lisa doesn’t know the words of Bohemian Rhapsody. She utter unintelligible sounds to mimic the words.

Nic and Rex are in the luxury bedroom. Nic isn’t allowed to talk about what she learned in the outside world. Rex is prodding her for information.

Stu is in the diary room.

I can grow on people like fungus, a nice fungus obviously.


Stu is evicted. He is greeted by cheers mixed in with boos. There are a tad more cheers than boos. It’s not as good as a reception as Dale got from the public. Stu throws himself into the audience and crashed onto the floor. He’s fine.

Stu says that being away from his daughter for 8 weeks was hell. Stu is an insecure guy. Davina tells him that everyone thinks that he’s lovely. He gives Davina a peck on the cheek.

Stu is shown footage of him exercising. He finds it annoying. Stu didn’t think that Sara fancied him. He’s surprised to hear that Sara fancied the pants off him.

Stu looks uncomfortable when he talks about Jen. Stu thinks that Mo is really greedy and he annoyed him. He thinks that Mikey should win.

* * * * *

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