Big Brother UK S09D74 (Channel 4)

Darnell is getting really paranoid again. He wants to stay till the end and he wants everyone to like him. Hopefully, he’ll get evicted soon and get a shitload of boos. He also think that it’s easy to nominate him, if a more hated HM becomes HOH.

Rex tells Nic that he dreamt about doing naughty things to her. Lisa tells Mikey that Lazy Mo has been struggling recently. Mikey says that Lazy Mo has been bullied all week because of cider and greediness. Mikey says that Rex is too controlling. Mikey says that Nic will be caught in this for years. That’s all that it is, a credit card. Lisa doesn’t know why Rex is here at all. Mikey will not step into his restaurant.

Rex is busy telling Nic what she should wear. Rachel is in the diary room. She’s happy that she’s still here. My God, Rex is an annoying bastard. He’s a wanker. Mikey says that he’s not that bothered how people look like. Mikey tells the HM that the last thing he saw was a doctor giving him an anesthetic. He didn’t like the noises when he lost his sight.

Rex says that he would never pay to get into a club. He makes fun of Sara for paying 20-30£ to get into some clubs.

For this week’s HOH challenge, HM must pose as famous statues. Mikey is called to the diary room. Mikey thinks that he did well by getting the shopping budget. He thinks that Lisa would make a good HOH. The worst people would be Nic and Rex.

Everyone but Nic and Rex clap for Mikey as this week’s HOH. The HM have to decide between themselves who will be which statue. They have to choose between the Thinker by Rodin, the Statue of Liberty, Eros by Gilford, the Farnese Atlas, The Kiss by Rodin.

Lisa says that whoever does the Thinker will win. Darnell disagrees. Rex and Nic will do the Kiss. Sara does Eros. Lisa does the Statue of Liberty. Lazy Mo will do the Thinker, Kat will do the Farnese Atlas. Sara is the first one out after a minute or so. She was shit at this task. Kat is the next one out after another minute. Lisa was disqualified 7 minutes into the task. Nicole is out after 17 minutes. It’s between Rex and Lazy Mo. 33 minutes into the task, they are still at it. Rex wins. He becomes HOH.

Rex is called to the diary room. Lazy Mo was just too lazy to win. Lisa is in the diary room. She thinks that Rex won’t make a great HOH. Rex is in control with the cooking and he’s very controlling with Nicole as well. He tells her what to do all of the time. She finds Rex’s whingeing about Nic’s high heels really funny. Rex needs Nic’s 100% attention.

Lazy Mo tells Rex that he was the most HM in the house a short time ago. Rex replies that Mo was nominate before. Mikey tells a story about how he accepted an award with his knob hanging out. He didn’t know it at the time. He was told that his fly was undone.

Sara and Lazy Mo are talking. He tells her that it’s easy to see when she lies. He asks her who she fancies.

Rex has been pretending to be BB for the last 7 minutes. Rex says that in his heart he’s always been the HOH.

Darnell, Rachel, Kat and Sara are in the living area. Darnell says that he’s less confident since he came into the house. He’s been worse off. It’s always about women.

Lazy Mo is in the diary room. He was gutted that he didn’t win HOH. Rex will become so bossy. Their relationship has gotten worse since Nic came into the house. Lazy Mo says that he’s getting on well with Sara, since Stu left. Sara fancied Stu.

Darnell tells Lazy Mo that he really let him down by not winning HOH today. In the bedroom, Nic says that she is only known as Rex’s girlfriend. She’s going to get booed when she leaves. She wants to go home and see her mom. She says that she isn’t having fun. Rex wants to help her. Nic says that he’s doubted her since she came in. He’s treated her like shit by questioning her relentlessly about the outside house. Rex says that he’s done everything for her. She says that all that he cares about his himself. Rex gets up and leaves the luxury bedroom.

Rex calls Kat lazy because she hasn’t cooked for a week. Kat says that she does the washing up every day. Rex tells her that he’s teasing her. Rex says that he’s never been away from her this long since she’s come in the house. He says that Nic doesn’t want to do anything in the house. Rex suspects that she found out something about him that made her very upset. Kat says that Nic keeps to herself a lot.

* * * * *

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