Burn Notice S02E05 (USA)

One of the more interesting photos of the Down Fuxing North Road Series.

Burn Notice is a dramedy featuring intelligence work. Mike Weston used to work in intelligence, but got burned. He’s now stuck in Miami and has spent most of last season looking for the ones who put a burn notice out on him. He’s joined by an old friend Sam (Bruce Campbell), who is keeping tabs on him for the FBI counter-intelligence unit, and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), an Irish gun totting ex-girlfriend, doing low-key operations in Miami, trying to help out and to make some money.

I thought that Burn Notice was enjoyable. It’s not the best of shows, but certainly follows the comedic elements put forth by Psych. We didn’t learn much about Mike. There was not a lot revealed about who Mike really works for. In the past, intelligence operatives worked exclusively for countries. Now corporate interests are also represented. Some of the largest corporations have profits well in excess of those of some countries. It’s just natural that the intelligence field was privatized as well, just like the armed forces are slowly being replaced by mercenary outfits run by giant corporations.

Mike has to stop a crew from completing a heist. His day job is interfering with his hunt for answers. In the end, it partially works out. This was a good episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Fi and Mike have been waiting for 4 hours for Carla to pick up her mail. They follow an old lady. She goes to an old building. It’s being watched by covert security.

Sam pulled the building records. It’s going to break in. Some guy named Trevor is waiting to see Mike. He’s a wheelman. He just came out of prison. His old boss has forced him to participate in an armed robbery. He can’t leave the state without breaking his parole.

The crew is formed out of CJ the hustler, Gilbert is the safe-cracker, Kandi is the muscle, and Timo, the boss. Sam thinks that Gilbert is the easy mark. He’s not supposed to drive because of his DUIs.

Mike ropes in Fi to make him drink a glass. Gilbert already spotted Sam. The cops pull up. Sam has to improvise. Gilbert is arrested. Trevor tells Mike that the job hasn’t been called off. Mike will pose as the new safe-cracker. Mike puts a webcam up on Carla’s place. Sam spots a gap in the security.

Veronica is taking Sam out to dinner. They are celebrating their 1 month since they said I love you. Veronica asks him to marry her.

Timo tests Mike and he passes easily. Trevor finds out where the robbery will take place. The trouble is that CJ is working as security at the jewelry exchange.

Sam and Fi are helping Mike break into Carla’s place. It turns out that Sam is already married. He was married in the 70s. Fi tells Sam to tell Veronica the truth. When Sam is about to get into the building, he gets a call from Timo. The robbery is about to take place.

Mike is able to get a message to Fi and Sam. Sam trips the alarm as the crew is about to complete the heist. Timo has everyone leave. Sam gives Timo’s car a flat tire before leaving.

The crew arrives at their hideout. Sam tells the others that he got the jewels and gave them to Timo. Mike has Fi and Sam blow up the boathouse. The crew thinks that Timo screwed them over.

Kandi finds Timo. She isn’t happy. She kills him.

Veronica kicked Sam out of her life after his confession. Fi and Mike are leaving to break into Carla’s place. He arrives and finds a digital picture frame waiting for him. It contains a message from Carla. He was made the day before when he canceled the op. He finds another message from Carla.

* * * * *

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