Burn Notice S02E06 (USA)

Another view of one of the sharks in the Shark Aquarium in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Burn Notice is a dramedy featuring intelligence work. Mike Weston used to work in intelligence, but got burned. He’s now stuck in Miami and has spent most of last season looking for the ones who put a burn notice out on him. He’s joined by an old friend Sam (Bruce Campbell), who is keeping tabs on him for the FBI counter-intelligence unit, and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), an Irish gun totting ex-girlfriend, doing low-key operations in Miami, trying to help out and to make some money.

I thought that Burn Notice was enjoyable. It’s not the best of shows, but certainly follows the comedic elements put forth by Psych. We didn’t learn much about Mike. There was not a lot revealed about who Mike really works for. In the past, intelligence operatives worked exclusively for countries. Now corporate interests are also represented. Some of the largest corporations have profits well in excess of those of some countries. It’s just natural that the intelligence field was privatized as well, just like the armed forces are slowly being replaced by mercenary outfits run by giant corporations.

Mike has to help an old family friend with his troubles. He’s been framed in an accounting scheme and the rapper he works for isn’t known for being forgiven. Mike also has to work with a new agent named Victor, who’s a pain in the ass. Carla wants them to hijack something.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Carla’s message told him to meet Victor. He calls himself the wrangler and wants Mike to do an op. He gives him a phone. He asks Sam to go over to stay with his mom. At Madelyn’s place, he meets Ricky, an old family friend. Ricky is an accountant and works for a hip-hop mogul named Valentine. Recently, he found 2 million missing from a charity account. He thinks that Eddie, Valentine’s right hand man, is responsible.

Mike is called away to meet Victor. He wants Mike to hijack something. Victor lets him know that he’s got an enhanced GPS in his cellphone. Mike removes it, but finds a message from Victor. Vic wants the GPS left intact. Mike uses call forwarding instead.

Fi calls in a bomb threat to the building next door to Valentine’s. The firefighters have the whole block evacuated. Mike uses this as a diversion to get into Eddie’s office.

Eddie is looking for a front business in order to launder the money that he stole from Valentine. Eddie made it look like Ricky stole the money.

Mike wants and introduction thanks to Barry the money launderer. Sam has set-up Mike’s cover ID. He meets Eddie in a bar. It looks like Eddie likes what he’s seeing. He shows him an empty condo development. Eddie gets called away to a meeting with Valentine. Valentine gets physical with one of his employees. Eddie fingered him for trying to lure one of Valentine’s artists away. Valentine whacks him with a platinum record.

Mike is about to close the deal with Eddie when Victor shows up. Victor burns the deal and Mike isn’t happy. He decides to reverse the situation. He goes to the offensive and talks with Eddie. He plays on Eddie’s paranoia. Sam pretends to surveil him to freak him out.

Victor is an ass. He gives Mike some indications on what is going to happen. Mike rigs a homemade x-ray machine in his trunk.

Eddie gives him a call. Mike said that he was moving his money offshore. Eddie wants his moved as well. Eddie tells Mike that he’s got guys taking care of the loose ends right now. Mike calls Fi and says that a hit squad is on his way to get Ricky. Fi is able to hold them off.

Mike tells Eddie that the feds are on their backs because of Ricky. Eddie says that the people that he sent to kill Ricky ran away. Mike provokes him into trying to kill Ricky himself. Eddie goes to see Ricky to kill him. Eddie doesn’t know that Valentine is there. Eddie is frustrated because Valentine made half a billion dollars. Eddie is still on a paycheck. He gets table scraps. The gun that Mike gave him is filled with blanks. Eddie doesn’t know that Valentine is in the house. Eddie has been killed by Valentine.

Mike’s op with Victor goes by without a cinch. Mike uses a shotgun with some incendiary rounds as a diversion. Thanks to the x-ray machine, they find out that Victor hijacked a sniper rifle.

* * * * *

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