Big Brother UK S09D75 (Channel 4)

Yesterday, Rex became HOH. Mikey tells Lisa and Nic that he doesn’t want a girlfriend. Mikey says that since he lost his sight, sex has become boring. He can’t see anything anymore.

Nic is in the kitchen. She’s waiting for Rex to make her bacon sandwich. Darnell is in the diary room. He’s stressed out. He just feels like shit. No one fancies him. He’s ugly as sin. What a wanker!

Nic and Rex continue arguing this morning. Later in the garden, Nic just walks away as Rex and Sara are talking about Australian food. Rex scampers after her. They lie around in the sun. Rex sings some songs to tell Nic not to believe all of things that she’s heard. Rex says that it has to do with the stuff that has happened in the house. They start to argue. Nic wants concrete examples, and Rex is being vague.

Mikey, Darnell and Kat are in the kitchen. Everyone is singing. Lisa is doing Sara’s nails. Some of the HM are at the sofas. Darnell tells Nic that she’s still a student. She still has to figure out what she wants to do. She wanted to go to drama school, but now she’s no longer sure about that. Rex is in the diary room and he’s bored. He’s upset at the way that Nic is feeling. She’s not happy. That makes him unhappy. She feels that coming on the show was the wrong idea. She’s clinging too close to him and not interacting as much with the other HM.

Rex immediately comes out and wants to make Nic happy. She isn’t having it. Later, he gives her a massage. Most of the HM are in the living area talking about sex. Kat says that she’s had sex 15 times in one day. Then she says that it was only 1.5 hours and was only once. Lazy Mo is sleeping. Rex is called to wake Lazy Mo up. Nic says that it’s Lazy Mo. The HM are using euphemisms. Some of the girls don’t understand them. As soon as Darnell says orgasm, Lazy Mo puts his head up. Rex comes in and slaps Lazy Mo on the head.

For today’s task, the HM have to complete mosaics of Rex made out of chewed-up chewing gum. Rex has to split up the HM into pairs. The winning pair will receive a prize. Nic isn’t happy. She wanted to be with Darnell. Rex says that she’s never happy.

Mikey and Rachel have previously raised dental issues with BB and do not have to chew the gum. Bees are buzzing around. Lisa continues to believe that one sting can kill you. Mikey says that Nic didn’t do anything in last week’s task. She should finish.

Rex likes Lazy Mo and Darnell’s mosaic. It’s no surprise that he decides that Nic and Sara’s mosaic is the best. Darnell isn’t happy. BB tells them not to take off their Roman costumes. Later, they are called to the diary room. They get some food.

Lisa just put on some tanning crème. She says that Nic wasn’t happy that Rex chose Sara to be with her. She would have preferred one of the lads. Mikey replies that Rex wouldn’t have that. Mikey says that they are a pair of miserable people. They will never be happy.

BB has given the HM the remainder of their alcohol. Lisa has turned orange because of her spray-on tan. Nic comes to the diary room. She’s had a good day, but it started badly. She feels out of place. No one wants to talk with her because she’s only Rex’s girlfriend. Nic starts to cry. She says that she come into the house after she heard the stories about Rex cheating on her. She wishes that she could talk to Rex about the things that she knows, then he would understand where she is coming from. She leaves the diary room to go to bed.

Meanwhile the HM are playing musical chairs. Afterwards, Rex realizes that Nic is missing. He goes looking for her. She tells him to leave her alone. He insists on wanting to find out what’s wrong with her. She starts to swear at him to leave her be. She goes to smoke. Rex tells the other HM that Nic went into the diary room in a good mood, and came out in a bad mood. Obviously BB upset her.

Nic is talking with Kat. Rex doesn’t leave her alone. He comes to cuddle her. Nic keeps repeating to leave her alone. Rex, Sara and Darnell are at the ashtray. Nic is in the luxury bedroom. Rachel and Kat try to cheer her up. Nic is crying. Lazy Mo was in the room. He tells Rex what Nic is saying. Rex and Darnell go to sleep into B Block. Lisa says that this is the first time in a long time that she’s seen Rex really happy. Nic is really sad.

Rex tells Kat that there is nothing good to be gained by him talking or sleeping with Nic tonight. There will be an argument. Nic has gotten up and is walking around the house. She comes to see Rex in B-Block. Lazy Mo leaves the room. After a few moments, she leaves. She was looking for Rex.

* * * * *

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