Big Brother UK S09D76 (Channel 4)

After spending the night in the bedroom, Rex moved back into the luxury bedroom about two hours ago. This morning, they start arguing once again. Rex says that he didn’t want to argue with her. Nic says that he left her here by herself. She cried her eyes out.

Today the HM will nominate. As current HOH, Rex is immune. Lisa and Sara are trying to make Nic feel better. Mikey says that Rex is always trying to control her. Nic says that Rex is that way all the time. Nic says that he’s selfish. Mikey says that he’s selfish, egotistical, a bully, arrogant, and boastful. He’s disappointed, because he’s been going on about Nic since he came in. Since she’s been in the house, he’s just been treating her like shit. He likes Nicole, but he doesn’t like what Rex is doing to her. Rex walks in with breakie and a flower for Nic. Nic says that he doesn’t understand. He needs to be more supportive. She just wanted him to be there with her. Rex walks away and says that it’s easy for her to say that now.


Darnell           Nic                  Sara                 “She’s created problems.”

Kat                  Lisa                 Sara

Lisa                 Nic                  Rachel             “She stirs things up.”

Mikey              Nic                  Sara                 “She’s a spoiled brat.”

Mo                   Lisa                 Sara                 “Her sudden change of personality.”

Nicole              Mo                   Rachel             “I don’t know her, I find her irritating.”

Rachel             Lisa                 Nic                  “I don’t like living with her.”

Rex                  Lisa                 Sara                 “She’s a ship jumper.”

Sara                 Mo                   Rachel

Darnell, Kat and Mikey didn’t receive any noms. Mo received 2. Rachel received 3. Lisa and Nicole received 4. Sara received 5. Therefore Lisa, Nic and Sara are nominated this week.

I’m sure that she would like to stab Nicole in the back and go out with Rex. They would make a good couple.
Mikey on Rex and Sara

Rex is making fun of Kat.

Mikey is trying to hit a potato with his stick. He’s having trouble. Lazy Mo wants a go, but Darnell warns him that he will break the stick.

Darnell, Nic and Kat are in the luxury bedroom. Lazy Mo and Darnell are talking about the nomination process. Mo implies that he’s voting for Nicole, since she hasn’t been in the house that long.

17 minutes ago, BB gave the HM some alcohol. They are playing a game of truth or dare. Sara’s dare for Rex was lame. Darnell pretends that he’s a walrus. Rex dares Lisa to eat three digestive crackers at the same time. 27 minutes later, Rex is auctioning off two cans of cider. If Greedy Mo eats Darnell’s booger, he gets a can of cider. Greedy Mo is up for it. Darnell asks if anyone has a big booger. Mikey’s got one. Most of the HM hide in disgust. Greedy Mo goes right ahead. He spits it out. He grabs his cider. Greedy Mo got his due.

Later in the luxury bedroom, Lisa is still laughing about what Mo did. Kat is in the diary room. She says that what Greedy Mo did was hardcore. She feels sick. Greedy Mo will do anything. She thinks that Rex is doing well.

Darnell and Kat are in the bathroom. Kat is scared about next week. Darnell says that this week was hard.

Later during the night, Nic and Rex are making a lot of noise. Mikey tells them off. Rex says that Mikey is a miserable bastard.

* * * * *

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