Big Brother UK S09D77 (Channel 4)

Later today, BB will announce the results of this week’s nominations. The HM are unaware that Nicole, Lisa and Sara are facing the public vote. The HM get woken by Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It’s funny to see how ignorant they are. They didn’t even recognize the beginning of the song, even Darnell.

BB has gathered all of the HM together. For this week’s task, they will become zombies and have to perform Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. As HOH, Rex is the choreographer, and is not allowed to participate in the task. Rex decides that Nicole should be Michael Jackson. What a surprise!

The HM have been rehearsing for about an hour. Rex is a terrible choreographer. He’s an ass. He’s arguing with Lazy Mo. The most challenging part is that Mikey has to learn the dance as well. They move the dancing outside. Mikey is terrible.

Rex and Nic come to the diary room. They ask BB about Mikey. BB tells Rex that if Mikey feels unable to do the task, he should come to the diary room himself. Nicole thinks that they will be on a basic budget this week.

The HM have been practicing for 2 hours. Rex is being frustrated with Mikey. Mikey says that he wants to participate. He wants to do the task.

An hour later, the HM are still rehearsing. Mikey asks for more descriptions about the dance moves, but Nicole just shouts at him to listen. She doesn’t seem to understand that Mikey is blind and that he can’t see what they are doing. Rex wants to continually repeat the intial moves, even though they have practiced the new ones. He’s a terrible choreographer. He’s stupidly overbearing and bossy.

Lisa is happy to point out Nicole’s faults in her dance routine.

BB gathers the HM to inform them that Sara, Lisa and Nicole are nominated this week. Nicole isn’t happy at all. Mikey’s got no problems saying that Nicole is stuck up on her own ass.

Nicole says that Rex is being nice to everyone. Rex denies it. Mikey is in the diary room. He plans on doing the task. He’s not afraid of telling Rex and Nicole that they suck. He doesn’t like how Rex isn’t able to direct him. They don’t explain enough.

Rex and Nicole refuse to share their cigarettes with Sara and Lazy Mo. Rachel is trying to explain how to move during the dance. Nic and Rex are talking about what would happen if Nicole leaves. Rex says that he should stay.

Sara wants to get some cigarettes. She asks Mo if they should try and find some. Lazy Mo doesn’t want to bother them. Sara says that Rex has been incredibly rude to her since Nicole. Sara is getting pissy because Rex isn’t sharing the fags. He’s not been nice. Sara doesn’t want to be their friend.

Lisa, Rex and Nic are in the bathroom. Sara is in the diary room.

* * * * *

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