Big Brother UK S09D78 (Channel 4)

Darnell and Lazy Mo are in the bathroom. Most of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. For this week’s shopping task, the HM must become zombies for Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. The HM are woken up by the same song. They all practice their dance moves, except Kat and Nic.

Kat has been called to the diary room once again for talking about the nominations last night. She’s going to jail. She’s one stupid HM. She probably the one who’s been in jail the most. She keeps talking about nominations.

Nicole is in the diary room. She finds the task quite easy, but she doesn’t think that they will pass if it is judged by a panel of experts. It’s hard for Mikey.

Mikey, Rachel, Mo and Sara are practicing the moves in the garden. Later, they continue practicing.

Rex and Nic at the ashtray. Lisa asks them for a cigarette for Sara. Sara and Lazy Mo haven’t had any in a few days. Nic and Rex refuse. The HM continue to practice their moves. Rachel notices that Nic isn’t wearing her belt. She has to, it’s part of the outfit. Mikey says that it’s a double standard. Rex and Nic tell him to shut up. Rex gets the belt. Rex tells Mikey that he likes to pick on girls. Mikey says that Nicole criticized him last week. Nicole denies it and tells him to shut up. Rex says that the HM are now angry and they aren’t performing up to standard. Kat hasn’t been paying attention. She will make the HM fail. Rex isn’t happy. The HM continue to practice. Nicole is being rude to Lazy Mo. Nicole calls him a f**king asshole. Mo just told Rachel not to look at Nic, otherwise they will lose. Nicole doesn’t understand and pulls a fit.

Mikey and Kat are talking about Rex. Mikey thinks that Rex and Nic are a pair of twits. Most of the HM are in the house. Kat is released from jail. Rex and Nicole immediately say that they will fail the task. Mo and Darnell start to argue. Some of the HM including Mo say that Kat shouldn’t do the task because of her bad back. They both start to shout. Rex orders Kat to go see BB and say that she can’t do the task. Darnell is upset. He thinks that all of the HM are assholes. Rachel and Darnell arrive. They are going to practice and Kat is going to participate in the task.

The HM are all dressed up with costumes and make-up. Rex isn’t allowed into the task room. Nicole did a great job. Rex is happy. The others were alright. BB gathers the HM afterwards to get the results of this week’s shopping task. The HM passed the task.

Rex finally gives some tobacco to Lazy Mo and Sara. Lisa has come to the diary room. She’s still dressed up as a zombie. She loved the task. She loved being a zombie.

The HM receive some alcohol for passing the task. Rex compliments the HM on their dancing.

Rex informs Nic that the promise ring that he gave her implied that she always had to be faithful to him. She says that he doesn’t have to worry about that. He’s being an ass again. He’s so overbearing and controlling with her.

Mikey is called to the diary room. Mikey says that Rex and Nic didn’t really help him in the task.

The HM get some Michael Jackson tunes for passing this week’s task. Darnell is dancing with Sara. Kat and Rachel dance by waving their hands.

At 1AM, Kat and Rachel are in the living room. Darnell is in the diary room. He says that today was a great day. He doesn’t really care who leaves.

Some of the HM are sleeping. Nic and Rex are talking loudly in the luxury bedroom. They are quite the inconsiderate pair.

* * * * *

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