Big Brother UK S09D79 (Channel 4)

Rex and Nic are up to their usual tiffs in the bathroom. Rex says that Nic is spoiled. Nic says that Rex’s dad spoiled him. When Nic doesn’t do as she’s told, Rex calls her a shitbag. He says sarcastically that he hopes that Nicole is going on Friday.

As HOH, Rex is responsible for the shopping list. He’s informed that BB is charging 150£ for the rent of the luxury bedroom and 15£ for the rent of the bedroom. Those amounts are per week.

Kat is in the pool. She’s singing Frère Jacques in Thai. The three nominees are in the bathroom. They are pondering the boos.

Rex goes for the luxury bedroom rent. He gets a lot of cider. He plans on getting everything but food. He gets 99 special ever changing special prizes. He tells the HM that BB is charging them rent. Mikey is pissed. He says that if Rex took the luxury bedroom, he’s an idiot. Rex says that they will eat imaginary food.

There aren’t enough beds in the bedroom for all of the HM. Mikey says that on Friday there will be enough beds.

What are you doing? Why are you being like that?
Rex to Nicole

Nic storms away because she didn’t like Mikey’s comment. Both Rex and Lazy Mo tell Mikey that he’s being insensitive.

* * * * *

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