Big Brother UK S09D80 (Channel 4)

Mikey, Rachel and Sara are in the living room and kitchen. Last night Sara was upset by Darnell. Sara says that after last night, she’s ready to go. Darnell and Lazy Mo are in the bathroom. Darnell wants Sara to go. Darnell is paranoid. He thinks that Lisa and Sara are after him. He doesn’t feel threatened by Nicole.

Rachel says that the public have been decent. They have been booing all of the girls. Rex  thinks that the public are a bunch of wankers. Rex thinks that she’s funny. Rex says that he’s been talking behind her back as well. Rex tells Rachel that she’s done for. Kat doesn’t understand why he’s saying that. Sara says that she’s prepared to go anyway.

Darnell is in the luxury bedroom. He’s talking to himself. He’s confused and he doesn’t know how to feel. Lisa is in the diary room. She’s doing well. She says that a lot of people think that they are in the final already. They are all anxious. Darnell, Rachel, Kat and Lazy Mo imply that she should have stuck with them since the beginning. To Lisa, it’s the wrong attitude. They are all game players.

Sara, Nic and Rex are at the sofas. Rex says that Nic will be booed, because she has been nasty to everyone. Rex says that Nicole has been a miserable little git. Nicole is sitting right next to him. Rex just walks away.

Mo has been called to the diary room. He broke the rules last night. He told Nicole that he didn’t nominate her. He must go to jail.

Darnell and Nic are in bathroom. Darnell tells Nicole that he thinks that Rex might win. Kat might win as all. Since she’s an extreme character, she’s easy to dislike. Rachel might slide in. He would like to win as well.

Mo goes to jail. He says that it stinks. There are caterpillars everywhere. He says that he’ll play with them.

An hour later, Lisa is working out. Sara, Darnell and Mikey are in the living room. He says that his personality doesn’t fit with being an albino. He likes sunny days, but that doesn’t work with him. Sara is listening in. She isn’t speaking.

Rachel and Kat are in the bathroom. Rachel says that since Nicole came in, she’s no longer close to Rex. She doesn’t consider him as a close friend. Kat says that Nicole doesn’t like her. Kat is scared and she tries hard to be friends with Nic. Kat thinks that Nic is very negative.

BB has gathered the rest of the HM at the sofas. The HM will soon be able to appeal to BB for Lazy Mo’s release. Each HM must demonstrate their support for Lazy Mo. Later, BB will call each HM to the diary room to appeal. If BB likes their effort, BB will release him. Rex and Nic want to keep going to jail. Lisa says that Lazy Mo has been going to jail quite a lot. He keeps talking about nominations. The HM have to make placards. Lisa doesn’t understand why he keeps going there.

Kat comes to see Lazy Mo. She doesn’t like the negativity in the house. She thinks that Lisa was out of line with her comments about Mo talking about nominations. Lazy Mo actually guesses that it was Lisa who made those comments. Kat didn’t say anything.

The HM are working on their placards. Most of the HM are in the living room.

Free Bogie Mo.

Rex wants to take a picture of Nicole if she leaves. Darnell wants to take pictures of the banners. It was Lazy Mo’s suggesting to take pics. Kat is cooking some food. She’s only cooking for herself. She asks Darnell if he wants some food. He does, and she cooks. Kat tells him that she’s very upset.

Darnell tells Lazy Mo that he wanted to take a picture, but Rex doesn’t want to.

Mikey comes to the diary room. He does his appeal for Mo. He says that Greedy Mo was set up by Nicole.

Kat is cooking. Nicole says that she would like a bit. Kat says that it’s too late, the food has been cooking for a while. Nic mutters that she can’t wait to get out of the house. Kat calls her out for her comment and says that Nicole is rude. Rex says that he thought that what Kat was planning on cooking didn’t really work. She’s combining pesto and sausage. Rex says that since Nicole came into house, Kat has been picking on Nicole. Kat is astounded. Rex has crossed out Free Mo on his t-shirt and wrote in Save Nicole. Kat is really upset. Nicole follows Rex. She says that when Kat cries, everyone is concerned. When she cries, no one gives a shit. Nic says that the house is pathetic.

Kat goes to see Lazy Mo. Rex chants ‘Get Mo out’. She cries. Rachel joins her. Darnell is getting pissed off because Kat is crying. He’s upset that someone made her upset. Nic and Rex are at the ashtray.

Kat tells Mo that Rex thinks that she got up earlier and went to talk to Mo because Nic made a comment. That’s not true. She left because of Lisa’s comment. Kat is crying. Saying that Kat is picking on Rex is quite ludicrous.

Lisa and Sara are talking about Darnell. Sara says that Darnell totally turned on her. She’s avoiding him. She says that

Nic is in the diary room. She’s doing her appeal for Mo. It’s half-hearted. She wants him kept in jail.

Rex comes to see Kat. She’s still crying. Kat says that she can’t stand that he thinks that she picks on Nic. Rex says that Nic isn’t grown up enough for this house. Rex apologizes.

Mo was released from jail a few hours ago. Nic says that she’s happy. She wants to go. Rex doesn’t want her to go. He isn’t happy that she just said that.

Nic is evicted. She hears the boos.She is getting badly booed. Kat, Rachel and Sara are distraught when they hear the boos.

Darnell tells Rachel that she is bogus, along with Kat. He tells her not to worry. He’ll sort it out with her later. Kat and Rex walk in. Darnell walks out.

Rex tells him that Darnell is so upset because he is thinking when he leaves the house, he’ll get a terrible reception. A reception worse than Nicole. Rex says that he would want to disappear. Rex says that Nic wasn’t being herself. She wasn’t nice.

Rex infers from Nic’s behavior that Darnell is the most liked person on the outside. Rex says that he’s relieved. Nic made it a lot more difficult for him.

It’s been 15 minutes since Nic has been evicted. Darnell says that this has been his worst week in the house. Rachel and Kat are talking about Nic. Kat doesn’t understand what she did wrong. Rachel tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong. Kat says she’s very scared. It’s taken a long while to make a friendship, and she’s concerned that she won’t see Rex when they leave the house.

Rex is in the diary room. He says that it was probably worse for him to see her getting booed than for Nicole. He says that he’s closest to Darnell and Kat.

Rachel, Kat and Lazy Mo are at the sofas. Darnell walks in. Darnell says that it was hilarious that Sara was sitting next to Kat. Kat was comforting Sara. Sara and Kat become best friends. He’s just being an asshole, as usual. Darnell says that he was shocked the way that Kat and Rachel were acting. They didn’t support Rex through the tough time he had when Nic left. They were cozying up to Sara. Kat says that it’s only because Darnell doesn’t like Sara. Darnell is being really nasty. Kat tells him to stop blaming other people. Kat says that he only cares about himself. Kat says that Darnell is being very disrespectful. Darnell says that they aren’t really close. He says that he’s sick of this house and he just wants to get out.

* * * * *

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