Big Brother US S10E16 (CBS)

Keesha is happy that she is more liked that Libra. April was unsure that she had enough votes to get Keesha out, so it just made sense to take out Libra. Michelle didn’t get a hug, but she doesn’t care.

Renny became the new HOH. She beat Keesha. Keesha is happy. She isn’t going to be nominated. Renny is her staunchest ally. Memphis is happy as well. April knows that she is going to get nominated. Memphis wants to move into the hippie room with Keesha. Renny is worried that they will talk a lot of gameplay.

April and Ollie commiserate. April says that she can’t be alone with Ollie for a minute before Jerry walks in to but in. Ollie and April retreat to bed. Memphis and Keesha hope that Ollie and April are nominated. They talk strategy. Seconds later, Jerry walks in. They whisper together. They need to get Renny to nominate Jerry. They need to talk with her tonight.

Renny questions Keesha about Memphis. Instead of concentrating on their enemies, Renny is already questioning their alliance. She thinks that Memphis is dangerous and a threat. Keesha is worried.

Renny cried a lot when she walked into her HOH room.

April has got a plush toy named Holly that was on the first bed she slept on in the BBUS house. The other HM, including Dan, Renny and Memphis, delight in throwing her around in the garden. She got thrown into the pool and the Jacuzzi.

Ollie and April talk about what they have. Ollie thinks that this will go beyond the house. April seems to think so as well.

Renny and Michelle are talking. Renny wants to get her into the fold. Renny wants to nominate April.

It’s time for the food comp. The  house is split up into two teams. They play a game of rock, paper, and scissors using pig ears, slop and crickets. Dan has to eat crickets. Michelle also has to eat crickets. Jerry had trouble eating the slop. He almost puked, even though he’s been on slop for 4 weeks.

April, Dan, Michelle and Keesha win the game. They win food. Ollie, Memphis and Jerry are on slop for the week. America voted them an extra food, lollipops.

Ollie is afraid of birds. He runs scared of a crow. The other HM find this extremely funny.

Renny tells Dan that he might go up as a pawn. Dan says that she only needs three votes to send someone packing. With him, Michelle and Keesha, she can do what she wants without using a pawn.

She’s worried that if she nominates April and Jerry, they might all after her. Memphis walks in. Renny asks him if he wants to be a pawn. Memphis says that he doesn’t want to be one. Michelle and Keesha walk in. They don’t want to be pawns either. Renny wants to talk with Ollie. Renny sends everyone out except Ollie. She implies that April will be nominated and she will leave. She implies that April is the target. Ollie tries to get Renny to nominate Jerry or someone of her alliance.

The first key that Renny hands out is Dan’s. Next, it’s Keesha, Ollie, Memphis and Michelle. Renny nominated Jerry and April.

* * * * *

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