Weeds The Love Circle Overlap S04E10 (Showtime)

Weeds is an American satirical comedy television series. Marie-Louise Parker plays a widowed housewife named Nancy Botwin from an affluent California suburb who becomes an upper-middle-class marijuana dealer to make ends meet.

Things started slowly, with Nancy just dealing a bit of weed on the side. It rapidly became more serious. She went from being a simple dealer, to a grower, to a distributor. In the last season, she hooked up with Guillermo, a serious Narco trafficker in charge of a part of LA for a Mexican drug cartel.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Nancy starts getting some strange migraines. Reyes is happy to help her out, without any medication. Celia gets an intervention from her family. Silas gets disillusioned with his relationship with yummy mommy Lisa.

Nancy realizes that she’s been doing things wrong recently, and her body was trying to tell her this.

* * * * *

Nancy wakes up in bed with Reyes. Reyes has to leave for a breakfast meeting. Isabelle checked Celia into a detox program. She gets a speech from a family intervention specialist. She’s chained to a bed. Dean is there as well. Her stupid friend Pam reads her letter. Shaniqwa fills in for Celia. Ignacio thinks that Jimmy Jam is the devil. Sanjay agrees that his child is the devil. Jimmy is huge.

Guillermo arrives with his cousin Imparo. Nancy has a strange migraine when they leave. She sees strange crates all around the back of the maternity store. They look like boxes for weapons, like stinger missiles or LAWs.

Silas is making breakfast for Lisa’s kid. Shane is getting briefed by the two girls, Simone and Harmony. They are planning on having sex. Once again, Nancy has a spiking migraine. Shane, Harmony and Simone all have strange moms.

Doug is pissing on the fence. Andy has found Mermax. He gives Doug a call. She’s still holding Doug’s flip flop. Andy is going to bring her over.

Shane is freaking out. Silas is surprised. He tells Shane to use condoms.

Nancy is with her man once again. She gets a migraine again. Reyes is worried. He tells her that it’s stress. The headache is merely a symptom. He knows a man who can help.

Celia manages to assault Dean. She blames everything on the other people in her family. Isabelle threatens to call Celia’s mom.

Reyes brings his witch doctor to help Nancy. He prepares a concoction for her to drink. At the last moment, Kucho says that she isn’t supposed to drink it. Reyes insists. It’s some kind of hallucinogenic drug. Reyes drank some too. Nancy pukes a lot. Kucho looks a bit like Jesus. Nancy sees the girl that Guillermo brought over. Kucho tells her that there is no more hiding.

Lisa comes to get her son. Silas asks her if she screwed him. She says that their relationship is doomed, but it’s fun. She’s touched to see that Silas made her son some rotelli.

Doug gets his Mermax. Doug and Andy get caught by the Minutemen fanatic. He’s got a gun on them. He lets them go and gives them a five minute head start.

Nancy wakes up. She’s feeling better. She takes Andy on a walk. Nancy has been lying to herself. Andy wants a girlfriend. In the ocean, Nancy sees the girl that Guillermo brought over.

* * * * *

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