Big Brother UK S09D81 (Channel 4)

Lazy Mo and Darnell are in the bathroom. Last night, Darnell and Kat had an argument. Lazy Mo thinks that the next evicted HM will be either Rachel or Lisa.

Rex, Mikey and Lazy Mo are in the kitchen. Rex wants a new rule. He wants HM to wash their own dishes. Kat is in the diary room. She hopes that it will be a good day. She doesn’t think that Darnell listened to her yesterday. She wishes that he would believe in friendship. He can be quite aggressive when he dislikes someone. He never trusts anyone.

Sara, Lisa, Rachel and Kat are in the living room eating. Kat tells Rachel that she needs to talk with Darnell. She finds it sad that he’s so paranoid. Lazy Mo hits Mikey in the back of the head with the ball made out of strings. Mikey is swearing. Rex finds it funny.

Kat tries to talk with Darnell. He doesn’t care anymore, he doesn’t want to talk with her. He says that he’s paranoid all the time. Darnell says that he doesn’t want to be around Sara anymore. Darnell says that she’s risking her closest friends to be friends with everyone. Darnell says that he’s only got 14 more days, then he’s out of here. He says that he looks like a dick because of the things that they say to him.

Lazy Mo finds Rachel extremely annoying. Rex chimes in. Darnell is there as well. She’s like a Disney kid.

The HM will be going to BB’s Italian restaurant. Rachel is screaming like a madwoman. HM have two hours to consume an entire bowl of spaghetti. If the HM leave the table, they will be disqualified. They will win a prize if they succeed. Rex says that it’s really overcooked. Greedy Mo is the first to say that he can’t go on. He feels sick after a few minutes. He just ate too quickly. An hour later, Greedy Mo wants Sara to give him a massage. Greedy Mo puts some spaghetti in her hair. Sara is getting pissed off. Darnell says that it’s flirting. The HM realize that they can’t finish the food and start playing with it. Darnell dunks his head into the spaghetti. It makes some of the HM feel very sick. Darnell is sick. Kat is screaming loudly like a baby. Mo throws some spaghetti on Kat to shut her up. He also got some on Rex’s hat. Rex starts to swear. The HM failed the task.

Rachel and Kat are in the luxury bedroom. Kat says that she still feels sick. Rachel says that she won’t eat anything. Lazy Mo, Rex and Sara are at the ashtray. Sara tells Rex that he’s been an ass to her since Nicole came into the house. Rex denies it. Sara isn’t wearing her microphone. She has to run inside to get it. Rex tells Mo that she’s one strange girl and Mo is trying to tap her. Mo denies it. Sara comes back.

Lisa is working out. The other HM are been lazy in the living room. BB announces that the HM can have the rest of their alcohol. There are only five cans. Rex tells Mo to leave it. Mo takes two cans. BB announces that the hatch will close in two minutes. Mo gets in there and takes them all out. Rex makes Mo put them back in the hatch. The HM are on some kind of silent protest. They plan on doing nothing.

Mikey is in the diary room. He says that he’s under strict union orders not to be entertaining. These orders come from Greedy Mo and Rex. He feels quite rebellious.

Rex keeps ordering the HM to shut up. He’s on Rachel’s case for laughing. Kat and Lisa can’t help themselves from making stupid faces.

Darnell tells Kat that him falling out with Sara has brought the house closer together. When he was always hanging out with Sara, Kat was upset because he didn’t spend any time with her. Now, he’s getting the same treatment. She should understand, but of course, she doesn’t. She’s just like a child.

Sara is in the diary room. She says that Rex has been very nice to her today. She feels like she’s got the old Rex back. She thinks that Darnell has got issues with her, but he’s no longer ripping her to shreds. She thinks that he should apologize, but he doesn’t.

Rex tells Sara that she doesn’t do any washing up. Kat, Darnell, Rachel and Mikey are talking about Rex. Mikey says that he was being an ass this week. He’s just trying to control things all of the time. Kat says that she understand his point, but she doesn’t agree. Darnell agrees with Mikey. Kat says that she loves Rex, she doesn’t feel the same way as Mikey. She is an idiot. Mikey says that Rex is a total ass. Darnell says that Mikey looks like a twat when he says things like that, because no one is standing up with him. Darnell thinks that he himself fights the wrong battles.

Most of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Darnell says that Rex took control of the whole house. He was a dickhead and an ass. Darnell couldn’t believe that they all listened to him. Darnell says that it was despicable. Darnell says that Rex was on a power trip.

* * * * *

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