Big Brother UK S09D82 (Channel 4)

The HM are getting a champagne breakfast because BB has decided to be nice. The HM are woken up by Kiss from a Rose by Seal. Mikey tells Lisa that something shocking might happen today. HM have been enjoying their breakie for 20 minutes. Rex tells the HM that they were all stupid enough to play his silent game yesterday. Kat tells him that he was being mean. Rex says the was only joking.

Rex is called to the diary room. He’s got a present waiting for him. It was a vintage bottle of champagne. Lisa tells him that it’s because he was a brilliant HOH.

The HM are making speeches. It’s Sara’s turn. She doesn’t understand why she fell out with Darnell. Kat is called to the diary room. She gets a jar of cookies. It’s Lisa’s turn. The blinds go up from the garden and Mario is standing there. He’s wearing a tuxedo and standing on a podium. He shows her some placards. Mario has spoken to her father and asked her hand in marriage. Lisa is very happy. He gives her an engagement ring. It’s pretty big.

Later, Rachel is called to the diary room. She’s got a bunch of grapes waiting for her. Darnell gets an mp3 player loaded up with 7 R&B tunes. He gets to listen to them for an hour. He’s told that he can share the player with the other HM. He thinks that his present sucks. Music is meant to be shared.

Lazy Mo, Rex and Sara are in the garden. They hear people screaming outside. Darnell walks out and is upset by his present. He swears. He gives the player to Sara, Lazy Mo and Rex. Darnell has a lie-down.

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Lazy Mo wants Darnell to listen to his mp3 player. Darnell makes this all about himself. He has the other HM encourage him to listen to the song and sing. Finally, he relents, after he’s made a spectacle of himself. He is an attention seeking whore.

Lisa is in the diary room. She’s pretty happy to be finally engaged.

Today, BB is being nice and the HM are receiving gifts. Earlier, Lazy Mo received an extra large pizza. Mikey received a chocolate bar and some smoothies. Darnell realizes that he’s messed up. He’s an unhappy person. Lazy Mo says that it just made the situation worse. Mikey says that is what he meanth. He didn’t want to receive a gift. Rachel walks in and says that he always wants what he can’t have. That stems from his childhood. She says that at least he’s recognizing it.

Sara is called to the diary room to receive her present. It’s a letter from her sister. She’s very emotional. HM receive an engagement party and a life-sized cutout of Mario. Sara, Kat, Lisa and Rachel sing a song. It’s totally off key and Rex tells them as much. They get a song. Later, the HM continue to sing. It’s terrible. The HM head to the diary room. Rex stays outside. He’s pretty happy. He takes a can of cider and drinks it.

Sara and Greedy Mo are at the ashtray. Some of the other HM are at the dining table. Rex leaves. The incessant singing is driving him mad. Rex offers some cider to Sara. She doesn’t believe that it is cider. Greedy Mo says that if she kisses him for 10 seconds, she can get the cider. What an ass!

Mikey says that Rex is miserable. The HM are happy, but Greedy Mo isn’t. He didn’t like his present. The pizza didn’t really represent him. It does represent Greedy Mo very well.

* * * * *

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