Big Brother UK S09D83 (Channel 4)

Kat, Rachel and Mikey are in the bathroom. Rachel says that it be the last time they nominate. Kat says that if two people leave this week, it will be easier. The HM are unaware that there is a twist for the nominations.

Today, the HM must nominate two HM to become HOH.


Darnell            Mo                   Kat                  “He gets frustrated.”

Kat                  Mo                   Rachel             “He’s paranoid.”

Lisa                 Sara                 Mikey              “She’s crazy.”

Mikey              Lisa                 Rachel

Mo                  Darnell             Rex                  “It would mean a lot to him.”

Rachel             Mo                  Kat

Rex                  Darnell           Kat

Sara                 Mo                   Lisa                 “She would be so funny.”

I just want him to fart and to fart in people’s faces
Kat on Mo

Rex tells Sara that she said Stuart during her sleep. Darnell wants to bet Sara that she makes it into the final two. Sara will bet Darnell that he will get into the final two. Darnell wants Sara to flash her tits for 3 seconds. Darnell will flash his cock for 3 seconds. Kat immediately chimes in and tells Sara that she shouldn’t do that. Darnell is on her case right away because of her friendships. He feels betrayed and paranoid once again.

Mo is giving Sara a massage. She’s enjoying. Mo received the most nominations and will become HOH. As HOH, he’s immune from nominations and will go into the final week. The HM are told that Mo is the final HOH. He’s getting emotional.

Kat starts to scream that her loyalty and friendship helped him. Darnell tells her that it took more than her vote. Kat says that Darnell is rude to her. Darnell doesn’t give a shit. Rex asks Sara if this makes Mo more appealing.

Darnell says that the whole house is nominated, this is what this means. Mo is crying in the luxury bedroom.

Kat tells Rex that she’s sad because of Darnell. Rex tells her to stop. He tells Rachel that she’s making things worse. Rex says that Rachel made Kat cry. Rex says that you two are winding yourselves up. There was no situation.

Kat is crying like a baby in the luxury bedroom. She is one little kid. I hope that someone will take her out of her misery.

Rex tells Sara that Nicole implied that she fancied all of the men in the house.

Mikey, Mo and Darnell are talking in the pool. Mikey says that she does fancy Rex. Mo tells Darnell to tell Sara what he means. It makes him look bad. Rachel comes to make Kat feel better. She cuddles her. Rachel is pathetic. I want her out!

I’m slow at certain things.

She is utterly pathetic. Rachel is even worse. Both of them need to go.

Rex has cooked something good. He’s being very nice to the HM. Mo is in the diary room. He’s pretty happy. He will try to make it a happy house. Mikey, Darnell and Rachel are in the bathroom. As usual, Darnell is being an ass. He can’t handle the fact that Sara doesn’t like him.

Does she like sling from dicks all day long in the outside world?
Darnell on Sara

Earlier this evening, BB provided the HM with some alcohol. Rex, Sara and Mo are at the ashtray. He wants to know how many people she slept with. Rex suggests 9000. Sara isn’t very happy. Sara replies that she doesn’t keep track of it in a book. Rex retorts that she doesn’t need a book, she needs a manual. Sara is shocked. She doesn’t like getting picked on by everybody. Mo tries to comfort her, but Rex gets Darnell to come over. Sara says that he brought over the guy who calls her a dick rider. Darnell says that Sara slept with about 63 people. Rex says that Sara loves the cock. Sara is visibly upset. She tells them that she will go to bed. They don’t accept that they are picking on her. Rex insists that it’s a conversation. He’s just taking the mick out of her. They both say that if Sara would win, she would blow her money. Darnell is insulting and Sara tells him that he’s full of shit. They keep hounding her about liking Stu. Darnell uses this against her. He says when she talked with him in the beginning, she said that she didn’t like muscles. Now all of a sudden, she fancies the guy with the biggest muscles. She also told Stu that she loved his muscles, while she was massaging him. At least, that’s what Darnell tells her. Sara tells him to stop talking about it. She tells him that he’s full of shit. Rex comes back and supports Darnell. Darnell tells her that she was supposed to be his best friend. Sara tells him that there isn’t anything between them. She can’t see them being friends. Rex tells her that they are joking. Sara says that she knows that Rex is joking, but Darnell is serious. Darnell tells her that she isn’t attractive. She’s an ugly bitch. She doesn’t want them to talk ever again.

Sara has been called to the diary room. She says that the boys have been winding her up. BB is checking up on her. BB wants to make sure that she is OK. Sara says that she can handle Rex, but Darnell is just mystifying. He’s so mean to her.

Darnell tells Lisa that he just called Sara an ugly bitch. Darnell says that Sara looks like Ratatouille. Lisa tries to defend her, but Darnell doesn’t care.

The boys bet that Sara would come out crying. Darnell hopes that she comes out crying. She isn’t crying. She isn’t talking. Darnell asks her if she would flash her tits for a million dollars. She doesn’t want to talk to her. She doesn’t want to.

Mo, Rachel and Lisa are in the luxury bedroom. Rex asks her if they are still friends. Sara says of course they are. Darnell asks the same question, and Sara says that he called her an ugly bitch and a slut, so no, they aren’t friends anymore. He’s been nasty mean to her for six days straight. She says that she has been herself all the way through. She says that Darnell hasn’t been the same. He says that he hasn’t gotten over it when she jumped into Stu’s bed and not wanting to sleep in his bed. That happened weeks ago. She tells him that she is paranoid.

Sara is still upset. She’s crying. Kat says that her day was the same as Sara’s. She gets out of bed and looks in the mirror. She falls down and cries. Her eyes are very dark. Rex asks her if she is alright. Kat says that she is very upset with Darnell as well. Rex tells Darnell that he really upset Sara. He’s a bad man.

Lisa is still in the bathroom. Sara and Kat are in the garden talking about Darnell. Sara can’t wait for him to get out and see how crazy he seems. He’s just making himself paranoid. Kat doesn’t understand why he does this to people who love him. Sara still wants to be Darnell’s friend. She just wants him to realize how terrible he has been.

Rex tells Darnell that he has been a moron. He played the loser tonight. Sara walks in and Rex asks her if he made her upset. She tells him that his jokes go too far. Sometimes she wants to relax and not fight back all of the time. Darnell says that he tried to get close to her, but it went wrong. Sara tells him that they shouldn’t talk anymore. She thanks Rex for his apology.

* * * * *

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