Big Brother UK S09D84 (Channel 4)

Davina says that all of the HM will be made under intense pressure. Two of them will have to make a hard decision. Later, the HM will have to nominate live in front of their HM. One of those two nominees could win 50,000£.

For this week’s shopping task, BB has turned the living area into a Las Vegas casino. Mikey is in the diary room. He’s a gambling man. Sara tells Rex that she hasn’t slept last night. Darnell says that he wants to go home because he didn’t get HOH. Rex thinks that he’s wanker.

Darnell and Kat are in the luxury bedroom. Darnell says that he is ready to go. He says that it reminds him of everything that he hates about himself. She asks what she did wrong. Darnell just walks away. Kat says that’s very rude.

Rex and Sara are at the ashtray. Sara doesn’t have any cigarettes. Rex is taunting her by smoking. He tells her that he’s joking. He hasn’t learned anything. Sara says that she got really treated badly last night. She was being wound up. Rex gives her a few drags from his cigarette.

Lisa and Rachel are BB Casino croupiers. They have to learn a series of moves. HOH has split the house into teams. Some of them will have to put on a Vegas style variety show. Kat is an illusionist, with Sara as her assistant. They have to use a magic box. Rex is an escapologist who has to learn how to free himself from a straightjacket. Mo has chosen Darnell as Elton John and Mikey as Kiki D. They have to put on a performance of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.

Darnell is called to the diary room. He’s called in to talk about his abusive behavior towards Sara. He says that she represents how things are for him on the outside with women. BB asks him if he sees how his behavior was unacceptable. He says that he’s disappointed. He’s not very apologetic. BB tells him that his behavior is being monitored and unacceptable behavior will result in consequences. He is told that he was bullying Sara. Darnell comes out and tells Rex and Mo that he got the Alex talk from BB. It was grim. Darnell says that he can’t enjoy himself because he’s always thinking about the outside. He’s concerned with being liked or hated.

Rex is called to the diary room. BB wants to know about his behavior towards Sara. He says that it was funny until Darnell came in and made her really upset with some comment. He says that he apologized and was only joking with her. He is reminded that his behavior is being monitored.

Out of all of the HM, I hope that Darnell gets evicted this week. He’s a mean, screwed-up bastard. Sara and Kat are talking about the upcoming eviction.

Darnell, Rachel, Mo and Mikey are in the living room. They are unaware that there is a second part to the shopping taks which will take place tomorrow. Mikey is pretty happy to discover that Mo is wearing fishnet stockings. He feels him up.

Rex tells Sara, Lisa and Kat that he has a good chance of going with Darnell because they got warned by BB. Sara says that she didn’t make an issue. Rex says that it wasn’t fair that he was called in. It looks like Rex was blaming Sara for being called into the diary room. He’s got no one to blame but himself. He’s an ass sometimes, but less than Darnell.

Sara and Kat have been rehearsing their illusionist number. Darnell says that he wants to stay in the house, he hasn’t got anything to go back to. Mikey says that he would only speak to Rachel on the outside. It wound him up how Kat was speaking to Sara. The don’t like the double standard that is intrinsic in dealing with Kat. Kat gets upset when she isn’t the center of attention. They both dislike her.

The HM are getting dressed up for their numbers. Mikey is dressed like a girl with a big wig. Kat and Sara are up first with their magic number. Croupiers Rachel and Lisa have just successfully performed their act. Escapologist Rex is next. Darnell and Mikey are pretty funny. Rex tells Darnell that he was brilliant.

The HM are told that they passed the 1st part of the task. Kat and Darnell are talking in the garden. She wants to know why he didn’t talk to her today. He doesn’t want to have the conversation that she wants to have.

Mikey is in the diary room. Mikey says that the atmosphere in the house is very anxious. Darnell has been preoccupied by getting to the final since the beginning. He’s looking for some kind of acceptance. In his past life, he must have been rejected a lot and not included in things. He wants to win it so that he gets some form of respect. Mikey doesn’t think that he’s going to get respect by calling girls sluts, dick riders, ugly bitches and all that. He’s the most complex character in the house and a psychologist’s wet dream.

Kat, Rachel and Darnell are talking about Sara in the garden. Darnell says that he doesn’t call Sara ugly bitch or slut, he just calls her that because she’s the one representing his troubles with girls. What a bell-end. He is pissed off because of the reasons that he can’t  have her. The reasons are out of his control. Darnell tries to blame her because she told him that he doesn’t feel close to anyone.

Live Special

Davina is in the task room with a suitcase filled with 50000£. In order to get the money, they will have to be nominated this week. Out of the two HM nominated this week, one of them could win this money.

Mo is called to the diary room. He is given some pens and cards to give his fellow HM. Kat is freaking out. Rachel doesn’t want to do this. BB tells the HM to remain seated. When instructed to do so, the HM will write down the names of two HM they want to nominate. HOH Mo can nominate, but cannot be nominated. Rex is enjoying this. Mikey has nominated Rex.


Darnell           Lisa                 Sara

Kat                  Lisa                 Sara

Lisa                 Rex                  Rachel

Mikey              Rex                  Sara

Mo                   Mikey              Sara

Rachel             Lisa                 Rex

Rex                  Lisa                 Sara

Sara                 Darnell            Rachel

Sara got 5, Lisa got 4, Rex got 3. Lisa and Sara are nominated. The HM are informed that they can now talk about nominations. Darnell goes to talk to Lisa immediately.

Davina tells us that one of them could win 50000£. BB calls Lisa and Sara to the task room. Like the attention seeking bitch that she is, Kat runs up to them to hug them in a fake-hug. The other HM do the same. They are told to sit down and be quiet. Lisa can’t help herself to talk. The plasma screen is switched on in the house. Mo screams at Darnell to shut up. BB tells them that they are going to play the Prisoner’s Dilemma. They both get the chance to win 50K£. They both have two blocks in front of them. Each of them has a take and share. Shortly they will chose a block. They must decide on the take or share block. They must show the block to the other player. If they both chose the share block, they get 25KIf they both chose the share block, they get 25K£. If the blocks are different, the one with the take block wins 50K£. If they both chose the take block, they leave with nothing. It’s easy to win this game by choosing share. They are permitted to talk about their decision and they are free to lie. They both choose the share block. They both win 25K£.

* * * * *

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