Big Brother UK S09D85 (Channel 4)

The 2nd part of the shopping task is happening today. There are slot machines in the living room. Mo tells Sara that she can’t look at the slot machines. She just goes to see them. Mo told her that she’s not allowed. Mo tells Mikey and Kat that Sara is rude. She’s only nice when she wants something. Mikey says that it’s when she needs cigarettes.

Kat and Rachel are talking in the garden. They talk about Mo’s comment about Sara. Kat says that she doesn’t know anymore if people are themselves or trying to use her and Rachel.

HM have two hours to lose all of the shopping budget from this week. It’s about 280£. Rachel wins 100 coins. Mo was cheating and is told off by HOH. He’s called to the diary room. He was putting two coins into the slot machine, instead of one. He is reminded of the rules. He inserted 4 coins into the slot machine before pulling the arm. As punishment, he gets another 100 coins. He must go into the house, stop the task and remind the HM of the rules. Mo’s got a lame excuse. He says that he forgot the rules. What a wanker!

There are 5 minutes left and Mikey has some coins left. The others have finished. Darnell tells Lisa and Sara that they have pushed on Mikey all the time. Darnell says that being overtly positive isn’t helping out. It’s just condescending. Mikey’s machine jams and he has to move to another. Although HM successfully lost all of their money, Mo broke the rules again despite being reminded of them. Therefore the HM have failed this week’s shopping task.

Darnell, Rex and Kat are in the bathroom. BB has called Mo to the diary room. There is a feast waiting for Greedy Mo. BB tells him that he can win some booze and Vegas show tunes if he can eat all of the food. He’s got as long as he likes.

He’s been in the diary room for 49 minutes. The rest of the HM are in the living room. Rex says that Mo can’t talk for an hour. Mikey agrees. Darnell isn’t surprised that Kat wants to stay in the house until the last second. Rex thinks that Mo is being offered by 20000£ to leave the house or he stays. Rachel, Sara and Kat say that they would choose to stay in the house. Rex finds them mental. Mikey can’t believe what they are saying. Darnell and Rex are happy to hear him tell the truth, instead of useless platitudes.

Most of the HM are at the dining table. Mo has been eating in the diary room for an hour and twenty minutes. He starts retching. He fails the task. He feels sick. He crawls out of the diary room.

BB gathers the HM. It’s time to nominate in front of the other HM. Lisa and Sara are nominated. They both get the chance to win 50000£. They decide to share and win 25000£ each. Rex is extremely happy for Sara and Lisa. He’s a good bloke in the end.

Sara is pretty emotional. She’s hugging Lisa. Rachel hugs Mikey and tells him that she’s glad to be in the final with him. Rex nominated Rachel because of the millennium dome cake debacle.

Sara says that the other HM are all in their little team, she’s on the outside. Lisa agrees, because she is on the outside as well.

Lisa says that she got 4 noms. Sara got 5. Rex got 3.

Greedy Mo is in the diary room. He’s jealous because the other two won 25000£. He would have liked to be nominated. He didn’t want Sara to win any money. He’s an ass. That’s the reason why he nominated her. That’s why he’s called Greedy Mo.

Darnell says that nothing works out for him ever. Lisa and Sara are in the diary room. Sara wants to fly her sister over and Lisa has a wedding to pay for, as well as a daughter who just got her driving license. Lisa and Sara both don’t believe that all of the HM would have shared. If the HM are mean to them, they will just smile and say thanks for nominating them. Sara is very happy for herself and even happier for Lisa.

* * * * *

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