Big Brother UK S09D86 (Channel 4)

Last night, Sara and Lisa won 25000£, Darnell and Mo are in the bathroom. Lisa and Mikey are in the living room. They are talking about their nominations. Mikey says that it just winds him up how Rex can say anything to Sara, and she won’t even nominate him.

Darnell is in the diary room going on about Sara. He’s a total git. He reminded her of conversations they had weeks ago, which just don’t mean anything. He’s living in dream land and he’s one messed up guy.

Rex is getting angry at Sara for always leeching drags of his cigarettes. Rex tells Sara that she is lying. When Mikey says something, Rex tells him to shut up.

Darnell thinks that he isn’t talking well to the HM. He’s basically treating them like shit. He starts to cry. Rex tells Sara that she is living in CooCoo Land. Rex is being an ass. Rex tells Sara that Darnell is going because of her. She forgot one of the most important things that he told her. Sara is mystified. Mo says that Sara embarrassed him. Mikey says that Sara is upset because she got nominated. Rex calls Mikey full of shit. Mikey says that he feels bad for Sara, because Rex nominated her and she likes Rex.

Darnell has been talking to BB for 45 minutes. Rex continues to go about the conversation that Sara supposedly forgot. Mo and Rex are on Sara’s case. They are jealous because she won money. Greedy Mo is a real bastard. Sara says that she has been honest with him the whole time.

Sara asks Rex for a drag. She is begging him. He relents. She takes a few drags. Rex spots Darnell coming out of the diary room.

Sara, Lisa and Mo are at the sofas. Darnell, Kat and Rachel are in the luxury bedroom. Rex has been called to the diary room. He is warned once again for bullying Sara. He doesn’t think that he said anything wrong. Rex says that he was standing up to her in front of Mo. He is an ass. That’s not what happened. BB tells him that he should be careful on how he talks to other HM.

Rex comes out of the diary room and says that he was called out for bullying Sara once again. Sara is surprised. Darnell joins Rex in the bathroom. Mikey says that HM don’t think that they can do no wrong. Mikey says that in the beginning Rex fancied her and she fancied him. Sara denies this. She sees the real Rex coming out. Mikey says that he nominated her because after Rex bullied her, she thought that Rex was great. Mikey says that Rex isn’t a good boyfriend, he’s the boyfriend from hell, a control freak.

Rex, Mo and Darnell are in the bathroom. Mikey tells Rex that he was blaming Sara. Rex says that he was standing up for Sara. Sara says that he didn’t say that at all, he was blaming her for Darnell walking out. Rex doesn’t like hearing that. He starts taking a go at Sara. Sara says that he was bullying her. Rex blames Mo. Rex calls Mikey a little shit-stirrer. Rex continues to deny that he said those things. Mikey tells him that he keeps grinding on. Mikey says that’s why he is in trouble with BB. He is in trouble over his behavior. Sara doesn’t like him at all. Kat doesn’t feel that way. She’s got a different opinion.

Rex is at the ashtray and says that Mikey is winding people up against him. Rex is talking to Mo. He’s an ass and everyone is starting to find out. Mikey says that Rex didn’t apologize for nominating him. Rex walks in and tells Mikey not to talk to him and not to mention his name. He nominated Sara. Mikey says that Rex is selfish. Mikey says that Rex is a wind-up merchant. Mikey calls Rex a classic bully. Mikey says that he wants Rex out of the house. He wanted Rex to leave two weeks ago with Nicole. He can’t stand materialistic people, egotistical people, wind-up merchants and arrogant people. Rex is one of the most materialistic people he knows. Every conversation with Rex is about what things he has. Rex is boasting a lot. Mikey doesn’t like the control that Rex has in the house. Rex calls Mikey miserable. Mikey says that he’s the miserable one. He bore everyone about his girlfriend. Mikey doesn’t want to talk about this anymore, they won’t agree on it.

Lisa is in the diary room. She says that the atmosphere is terrible. The most argumentative HM are in the final. Her and Sara are nominated.

Rex is still going on about things. Rachel tells Rex that he was putting the blame on her. Rex tries to justify himself. Sara tells Lisa and Mikey that there is a bit of jealousy going around. Mikey says that with what Sara has endured, she is the best possible recipient of the money. Lisa as well hasn’t done anything to anyone. Mo is proper pissed, and Rex isn’t happy either. Mikey says that Rex would f**k anybody over to win.

HOH Greedy Mo is in the diary room. Mo chooses to rent the bedroom for 15£. He orders 25 BB special prizes. Mikey, Sara and Lisa are at the sofas. Rex offers to smoke a cigarette with Sara. Rex starts talking to Mikey. Mikey says that they might as well try to getting on. Rex starts going on about cooking dinner for everyone, that’s not the actions of someone selfish. They shake hands.

Most of the HM are in the living room. Rex has come to the diary room. He feels depressed. He’s concerned about the way that he is portrayed on TV. He thinks that he has lost his delicate touch with people.

Rachel is telling Kat and Mo that she likes to sleep in B-Block. Darnell, Sara and Rex are in the bathroom. Darnell thinks that he’s the albino singer showpiece. Sara says that she sees Darnell for who he is. Sara says that life is short and that they only get one life. He goes on about being an albino. Rex and Mo are listening in. Darnell says that it’s all about him. She says that he needs to take things for how they are. She offered him a friendship like that, and he shoved it back in her face. Sara just wants things to be cool for the time that they are together in the house.


Lisa is evicted from the BB house. What a surprise! Lisa is greeted by cheers when she leaves the house. There are no boos. She’s pretty happy. People are whistling. They scream Lisa. Davina tells Lisa that this was the best reception of the series. The vote was close, so close that they had a meeting to decide what would happen if they had an exact tie. Lisa says that she didn’t stand up for Sara, because Sara could stand up for herself. Lisa thinks that Sara might be naïve about the way Darnell feels about her.

Davina hands Lisa her check.

* * * * *

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