Big Brother UK S09D87 (Channel 4)

All of the HM are in the bedroom. Rex tells Lisa that she doesn’t want to stay. She’s already spent all of her money in her head. For once, his comments aren’t that nasty. Mo is in the bathroom cleaning up. He’s still jealous of the girls winning £25K.

Lisa has come to the diary room. Her head is just boggled. As we have seen from her exit interviews, she’s isn’t the smartest cookie in the jar. She’s got trouble talking without long pauses and answering questions. She says that she can’t talk too much about her winnings. The others are jealous and tense, she doesn’t want to boast.

Darnell is singing to Rex while Rex is kneading some bread dough. Rex says that he needs to hook with one of his friends who’s got a record label.

Sara tells Lisa that she cleared the air with Darnell. At least it’s no longer awkward. Rachel is eating by herself at the dining table. Most of the HM are in the garden. Sara and Darnell are talking about what will happen when they leave the house. They can’t wait to see themselves on TV.

Lisa is talking about how things are in the outside world. She hasn’t been too concerned about this. Now, it’s on her mind. She’s a bit boring right now. Mo is just listening in. Rex is in the diary room. He feels better. Rex hopes that he gets a good response from the public. He won’t. People hate him. He’s happy with his relationship with Lisa since Mario left the house. Lisa says that when she’s on TV, she takes it over. Rex says that there are a lot of problems with Sara. There is some tension between her and Darnell and Mo. This also affects Rex. If she would go, this problem will be solved.

For today’s task, the HM have to do some cheers. Lisa chooses Kat, Mikey, and Rachel. Sara chooses Darnell, Rex, and Mo. Team Sara is in the garden. BB has provided HM with costumes. Team Lisa is in the living room. They have been practicing for 16 minutes. Mo isn’t on time. It’s annoying Rex a bit.

Kat looks idiotic. She’s got some strange things on her face. They come down from her hair. Team Sara’s cheer isn’t too bad. It’s thanks to Darnell. BB gathers the HM to perform their cheer routine. Team Sara’s routine was way better than Team Lisa’s.

Mikey tells Rachel that he’s more nervous performing in front of his family. He does stand-up comedy. He does toilet and gutter stuff.

It’s eviction night and Lisa is gone. Darnell is happy, Mo wonders why. He says that he gets the chance to make-up for being such a bastard. Sara says that Rex was completely wrong once again. Rex says that at least that he has an opinion, unlike some people (he implies that Rachel and Kat sit on the fence and don’t say anything really).

Mo screams at Kat to shut up and not sing all the time. Rex tells them that they are attention-seekers. Kat says that Rex likes to be arrogant, selfish and pissed off all of the time. She hasn’t stopped him from doing that, so why would she stop singing. She likes singing. Sara is in the diary room. She thought that she was going. She’s in shock. She has gotten in arguments and raised her voice.

Mo tells Darnell to step back from Sara. He’s getting to close to her again. Rex tells him to not come to them crying when she rejects him once again. Mikey tells Kat to stop matching them up. Rex says Rachel should just shut up. Sara likes Darnell and they have been getting along really well again. She’s happy about that. As a reward for passing today’s task, they get some alcohol.

Mikey, Rachel, Rex and Kat are at the sofas. Rex says that he doesn’t like fried food. Kat says that she loves sausage. Rex thinks that she is talking about dicks. Mo tells Darnell and Sara to stop hugging. They continue to cuddle. Darnell says that this is awesome. Darnell promises that he won’t turn on her again. Rex says that Darnell takes it too far. Darnell likes her, but she doesn’t like him that way. Rex says that Sara gives Darnell the impression that she likes him like that, but she doesn’t. Kat says that Darnell admitted to fancying her.

Sara gets into the pool. She’s still has her mic on. Thankfully Kat warns her in time. Rex wants to get in there as well. Sara says that the water is so nice. Mo offers some chocolate to Mo. Darnell jumped into the swim. Sara is hugging Darnell in the pool. She’s once again crossing the limits that she has set herself. Rachel is called to the diary room. She is one boring HM. She’s very excited about eating beans, cheese and potatoes.

Sara and Darnell have been snuggling in the pool for 17 minutes. Kat wonders if she should pour them a bath. Kat does so. Mikey doesn’t like that she’s once again pushing Sara and Darnell together. Darnell leaves the pool. Mo tells the HM that Darnell had a boner. He laughs it off. Darnell was walking in a way to hide his erection. Rachel is embarrassed for him. Darnell is embarrassed in the pool.

Kat and Rex tease Darnell about getting some wood. Rex says that he has to fulfill his promise to his friends. To get with a girl in the BBUK house. Rex didn’t jump into the pool, because it would have been him, Darnell and his boner and Sara. Darnell denies that. He says that he hugs Rachel and Kat all of them. Darnell says that he doesn’t get boners when he hugs them. Rex says that there is no point in lying. Darnell is getting pink. Rachel says that Darnell looks pretty happy. Kat goes on to describe the boner.

Mikey is in the bedroom. The rest of the HM are in the living room.

* * * * *

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